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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lite Sprites Review

I recently made a rule around my house that I am no longer buying toys that just sit there and do nothing. In other words, if the toy is just going to sit around and collect dust, I'm not going to waste my money on it. The same goes when I accept toys to review. When I was contacted to review a line of toys called Lite Sprites by WowWee I was a bit skeptical. I did however let LaLa see the advert attached to the email and let her decide if she would like to review the toys. Of course the advert was magical and spellbound LaLa and she insisted that she absolutely had to review the Lite Sprites. Then she went and filled her sister in on the plan as I wrote back and said that we would like to review the toy.

When the package finally arrived (nearly busting at the seams),my girls were chomping at the bit to explore the fantastic world of the Lite Sprites. Each sprite was pulled out of the box with gasps of delight. It was a bit like Christmas morning in my living room that afternoon. We received all five Lite Sprites Brooke, Meadow, Astra, Bleak , Prisma (who comes with the Lite-Topia Wand) and the Tree of Lite in order to review these toys.

The real test of this product of course was to see how long it would keep my kids attention. For a parent I think that is testing the true value of a product. I can say the Lite Sprites definitely kept my children busy for more than five minutes. In fact, the night that they opened the Lite Sprites they played with them until it was bedtime and then before bed they each picked the Lite Sprites that they wanted to take to bed with them. The next day when they came home from school the picked right up where they left off playing with the Lite Sprites and played with them for a few more hours. Any child who comes to my house is shown the Lite Sprites excitedly. LaLa even coaxed my best friend back to the bedroom to show off the Lite Sprites. The reaction from my best friend was "Those are really good!" She is just like me and really critical about the toys she spends her money on.

Each Lite Sprite comes with it's own little pod that can be hooked to the Tree of Lite

This is Brooke one of the Lite Sprites sitting in a pod

All the Lite Sprites attached to the Tree of Lite

KiKi and LaLa playing with the Lites Sprites and Tree of Lite

I do have to say after a month of having them, I am rather impressed with the Lite Sprites. Although it took me a few tries to figure out the Lite-Topia Wand and how to capture colors from anywhere (yes, anywhere) and then send the colors to the sprites, my children caught on quickly. The Lite Sprites can also send colors to each other. Then the naughty sprite, Bleak, can steal the colors and leave all the Lite Sprites white. LaLa especially likes Bleak.

LaLa using Bleak to steal the color from the other Lite Sprites

Using the Lite-Topia wand to capture a color

The only problem I actually had with the product is that the Lite-Topia Wand and Tree of Lite didn't come with batteries included. This was a bit only a bit inconvenient because I had to make the girls get their shoes on and run up to the corner store to buy batteries before they could properly play with the Lite Sprites. Overall though I can say my children have really enjoy this line of toys. They are still playing with them a few times a week and in my book that is pretty good.

Lite Sprites have the retail price of £14.99 for each individual sprite, Prisma and the Lite-Topia Wand £29.99, and the Tree of Lite £39.99. Lite Sprites are suitable for children age 4-8.