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Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear So and So...(I couldn't think of a title so I am leaving this bit blank-ish)

Dear Cosmic Complaints Department of The World,

So, I sent out a question on the FaceBook asking where I could hire new house elves and apparently it is now impossible. Someone suggested asking Santa about his elves in the off season of the North Pole, but then someone else said it wasn't allowed because of 'elf and safety. Bureaucracy everywhere! Another suggested I look into pixies or faeries. I just want to know how to get my bloomin house clean with little to no effort on my part. Response needed quickly,

Thanks in Advance, Kat

Dear Gingerbread Rogers,

When you look at me with those pleading kitten eyes I melt, but if you don't quit trying to eat my food while I am still eating it I might be forced to take drastic measures. Bad Kitteh!!!

Love, The Woman Who Would Like To Enjoy Her Cereal In Peace

Dear KiKi,

I am so proud of you! Dry bed for two weeks! Keep it up!

Love, Mom

Dear Song Stuck in My Head,

First of all, Moves like Jagger is getting really annoying at this point. I actually can't stand the dang song. I just keep singing MooooOOOOooooOOOOooves like Jagger over and over and over again like a broken recored. I don't even know any other part of the song in my head. Second of all, I am sure that NObody wants to hear me sing it. I sound a bit like a tone deaf whale. I assume.

Warbling Away, Kat

Dear Winter,

I see that you have now arrived. Thank goodness, I was starting to think it was actually just November!

Seasonally Confused, Kat

Dear Hubby,

I still think it is absolutely hysterical that when I have more than 3 female friends in the house at once that you go hide in the bedroom. They really don't bite. I promise.

Love Your Wife, Kat

Dear Readers,

Sorry about last week if you wrote letters. I honestly just forgot what day it was. Not an excuse really but, hey ho, that how things go sometimes. If you have letters this week, please link up.

Love Ya Mean It, Kat