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Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear So and So...I Got 99 Problems but a Kid Ain't One

Dear Cheeto Bandito (formerly Gingerbread Rogers),

Whilst knocking the cat food bowl off it's perch into the dog food bowl for easier access is an admirable strategy, we the Governing Council of the Bungalow, are issuing a cease and desist notice. Reasons being 1) Elizabeast is getting fat from eating all your cat food. 2) It is messy. 3) I hate cleaning up after you. If you do not stop the following action will be taken: nothing. Lets face it, we're push overs and very rarely follow through with threats.

Love, The Governing Council.

Dear Hubby,

I love you, but I really can't wait for you to go back to work on Monday.

Love, Kat

Dear Kiddos,

I am so extremely proud of your school reports and the glowing praise I got from your teachers on parents night. You are both thriving and doing brilliantly. La your reading is really taking off and your maths are astoundingly brilliant. KiKi you are doing fabulously in maths and science and your handwriting is getting much better than last term. So proud, really!

Love, Mum

Dear Readers,

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. If the rain holds out on Saturday, The Bungalow Crew and I are heading to the seaside. So excited.

If you have your own letters don't forget to link up!! Happy Friday!!

Love, Kat