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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Own Florence Nightingale

LaLa has become obsessed with the idea of becoming a nurse when she grows up. I think it is great that she would like to nurture people back to health and am fully behind her if this is what she decides to be when she grows up. However, I think she has a very...odd...a bit off...view of what nurses are. See, she has really never had very much interaction with nurses. She has always been very healthy and the only times she has really seen nurses are when they take her weight and temperature at the doctors office.

Recently, she did a report on Florence Nightingale. This is how she has formed her opinion of nurses. Now, she has pretty much turned her bedroom into a Crimean War field hospital. She has taken to wearing long dresses with shirts tied around the waist as an apron. Barbies are her patients. They are laid out on her bed, like a gigantic ward floor, side to side with blankets covering them up to their necks. I half expect to go into her room and find her doing amputations with Chloroform as the anaesthetic and giving Laudanum for pain.

Also, I am pretty sure she thinks she is British.

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Unknown said...

I'm sorry but this CRACKED me up!!!