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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Problem of Writers Block

It's happened. I have nothing to share with you today. I mean, I could talk about how the bus doesn't arrive at my house until ten past 4 in the afternoon, which really irritates me. It irritates me mostly because KiKi by this time is completely wiped out from her day at school and whines incessantly until dinner time. It is almost impossible to even feed her a snack because nothing in the house is good enough for her. I won't write about that though, because it is utterly boring. I could also write about how I am excited to be starting a new Bible study at church based on the book of Esther. Once again though, I don't talk about religion on my blog generally. There is the fact that my house is a complete mess right now. The house elves are on strike again, apparently. Once again, boring.

I guess the problem of writers block for me is finding a topic. Usually I can pluck something random out of thin air and let the words just flow off my finger tips onto the computer screen easily. This morning however, I am stuck. I'm not worried about it. This has happened a few times. After blogging for over three years, you expect to run low on blog worthy material. So then you wait for a moment. You don't actually just sit there and wait, mind you. You go out, live life, and see what material it produces. After all, a blog is just our written views of life. So, maybe writers block isn't a problem after all. It is just a way to know that it is time to do a little more living.