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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Plan On Doing The First Day of School

My kids start school tomorrow. They need to go to school. They want to go to school. I am tremendously excited for them and for me. I am already planning for my first day of freedom in 6 weeks their first day of school.

8:45- Take kids to school
9:15- Arrive home
9:16- Check email and Facebook
9:16:05-Send tweet about my kids being at school.
9:30- Watch a movie. Probably tweet while watching the movie.
11:30- Contemplate lunch.
11:35- Make lunch and eat without interruption.
12:00- Consider a nap
12:05- Take nap.
2:00- Wake up. Watch more TV.
3:00- Remember that I have to get the kids from school.
3:15- Go get kids.

Basically, I am doing all the things that I couldn't do while they were on their summer break. I don't normally have a day like this, but I think I will make an exception for tomorrow. An entire day of laziness without having to hear this:

Did I mention that they totally want to go back to school? Happy days!