Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Favorite Photo-Meme

I got tagged by the lovely Tara from Sticky Fingers to post my favorite photo. It doesn't matter which photo I choose. It just has to be my favorite (and on my hard drive). Let me tell you, it is pure torture to sort through pictures and only pic one as a favorite. I did it though!!

This my dears, is my favorite photo. We were out for a walk with my parents while they were visiting in the "animal park" this past spring. They had been chasing bunnies around the close. We decided to walk along the trails (thank goodness for Wellies) and I captured this shot. It just makes me happy. My girls, Wellie boots, and walking in the English countryside. Perfect, just perfect.

I am passing this Meme along to:

Jay- because she is an outstanding photographer.
Chad- cause who doesn't like pictures of Connor and Liam?
Jess- cause I know the photo will be entertaining.
Amy- another fantastic photographer and fellow American in the UK

Get to scouring your files kids, I expect to see results soon!