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Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear So and So...In a Hurry

Dear Snow,

You are not allowed to fall until after the 22nd. If Heathrow is closed on the 22nd I am going to be really really angry! Just keep the white stuff on hold until after then. I don't care if my parents get stuck here, but I would care if they didn't get here, understand?

Pleading, Kat

Dear Gingerbread Rogers,

I don't know why you stink for a full 15 minutes after you use your cat tray, but oh my goodness, you're killin me. New rule, no cuddling after poops.

Your Human Mom, Kat

Dear Newly Hired Christmas House Elves,

Get to work!!

*shakes fist*, Kat

Dear Spawn of Mine,

This Christmas season we are going to have FUN. We will not ARGUE. We will not kick, hit, call names, exclude, make fun of, or taunt one another. You will follow the rules and you will LIKE it dangit!

Love, Mom

Dear Readers,

If you have your own letters please feel free to link up. This will be the last Dear So and So of the year. I am taking next week off because my parents will (no snow willing) be in town. See you in January!!

Love, Kat