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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Have A Little Patience

I know that we live in an instant gratification culture where everything has to be done NOW and we want everything to happen FASTER, but does it have to happen at the expense of manners? Lately, I have noticed a gigantic lack of manners in the pursuit of expedience. I know that when you are in a hurry sometimes one can forget a please or thank you, but it has gone past these minor oversights lately in my dealings with the general public.

One of my biggest complaints is when you call to an office and the person who is answering the phone tries to immediately pawn you off to another department, cutting off what you are saying before you have finished explaining the situation. This happened to me the other day when I called to make a doctors appointment. I needed a referral from my GP. The lady at the front desk of the Family Practice Clinic immediately tried to transfer me to another office even though I knew that I needed to speak to her first (I did my research). Immediately I had to stop her before she hit the button to transfer me. "Wait, wait, wait I need a referral from *MY* doctor before that clinic will even see me." Of course, then she was very terse with me. You know, because I made her do her job correctly. Yes, I am the one with no manners. Right.

Then, today on the way home from church I stopped at the store to pick up some milk so I wouldn't have to have a tea-less afternoon, and witnessed the most egregious impatient and thoughtless behavior that I have been privy to lately. In fact this behavior was not only impatient but dangerous, all in the name of expedience. I had circled the small car park outside the store a couple of times, and because it was lunch time there were no spaces, so I kept circling hoping one would open up. I spotted a man walking to his car and stopped mine and put on my indicator so that everyone behind me would know that I intended to take his spot. I sat and waited for him to start his car and back out. Instead of waiting behind me, the impatient person in the car behind me pulled around me to go past and was nearly hit by the guy backing out of the parking space. What an idiot. Obviously waiting a minute for this car to back up and for me to pull into the parking space was going to take ENTIRELY too much of his ever important time. Of course, I then threw up my hands in disgust and gave him the evil eye- as one does.

I don't know if it is the stress of the holidays making people act like they were raised in a barn or if it is just a sign of the times, but I really don't like it at all. So, when you are doing your job, or out in public, take a minute and think about the consequences of your actions or lack thereof. In short, don't be an asshole.