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Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Blogger Resumé (we don't say CV around here)

This has taken me FOREVER to get around too. You see, I have too many pictures. I however really wanted a Blogger Calendar from Cybermummy, so I have complied.

My blogging inspiration is obviously my children and our relocation to England. This picture was taken the spring after we moved here. I just love the way they are holding hands and actually for once getting along. *sigh*

This blog was actually conceived in my living room while I was living in Missouri in July of 2008. I had just found out that we were moving to England for my husband's job (US Air Force) and I was completely excited. The name comes from when I was searching for houses. I loved the fact that one story houses were called bungalows. It was something that was completely different from the USA.

My blog has morphed so much through the years. At first it was about the anticipation of the move, then it was the classic fish out of water story, now it is about my life here where I am comfortable. I love living here and I think that shows in my blog. I have had the most amazing experience living and blogging in the UK. I have made some of the most amazing blogging pals here (and non blogging friends as well) and I can't imagine my life had this whole experience not happened. Quite dull I assume.

As a blogger here in the UK I have had some amazing experiences. I have worked with some amazing brands including Nokia and Argos. I have been to two CyberMummy conferences, which were so much fun that it should be NEARLY illegal. I have met some of my closest blogging friends including Jay, Tara, Michelle, NFAH, Nickie and Amy. I have made a gazillion other friends that I haven't met YET. I have also walked out of a blogging conference session...which we won't name but we will...cause she totally deserved it *cough*.

Overall it has been a barrel of laughs and I wouldn't change a thing. OK, so maybe I might have made the effort to go to a few more events, but overall, it has been a blast. Most of all it has been real. Real fun. Real friends. Real experiences.