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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Night Crazies

I am by nature a night owl. I can easily stay up until 1 or 2 in in the morning without even thinking about it. However, lately I have been absolutely drained by about 10pm. Last night I was in bed by 10.30, which if you ever asked any of my friends is completely out of character. It's just not something I do. Now I know why. The night crazies.

Normally I use the term night crazies to refer to the time of the night when my cats go completely insane and have bursts of energy at completely inappropriate times; like at 3am when everyone else in the house is trying to sleep. Now, however, I have realized that I get the night crazies as well, only mine only involves bursts of energy to my brain.

It goes a bit like this: Did I lock the door? Yes. *snuggle into bed* Why is he breathing so loud? It's like he has an air compressor in his body...I guess that would be his lungs. We should probably get two more tires but on the car soon (this ties into the air compressor) so we don't have to worry about the MOT next year. I need to call the financial guy tomorrow after church. Did I have homework for Bible study? No, it's just a video this week. Crap I forgot to return the films back to the rental place. I can do that and check the mail after church THEN call financial guy. Dang he is snoring loudly- The Man, not financial guy. Well if I am going to be on base I should probably go get a few things for dinner tomorrow. What should we have...chicken? Just had chicken yesterday. Spaghetti tonight....hmmmm....I really want chicken though. Ok, so need chicken and veggies. And milk. And coffee. Boy I am glad I didn't drink any coffee this evening or I would never get to sleep. Not that I am sleeping now. I wonder what the kitten is doing. "Ginger..where are you" *Ginger jumps on the bed* *Ginger attacks feet under the covers* "OK go away Ginge" *puts Ginger back on the floor* *Ginger hops back on the bed and attacks feet again* "I said Go away" *puts cat back on the floor* *Lays back down* Why I ever thought a kitten was a good idea I will never know... Because they are lovely and fun and want to play all the time. *Kitten jumps back on the bed attacks feet* *Puts the cat back on the floor* I should have never called her. She was probably sleeping which is what I need to be doing. What time is it? 11? Eh, it's early.

And my brain keeps going like this for HOURS.