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Friday, December 2, 2011

Dear So and So...Oh shhh....ugar

Dear Kid on the Bus,

The next time my child even speaks your name about something mean you have done I am going to call your mother and tell her exactly what I think. Quit being a bully. Understand?

Momma Bear, Kat

Dear Christmas Fayre at School,

I hope you are exciting and fun for the children. We have really worked our butts off this year getting ready for you and it has been time consuming and exhausting. No offense, but I can't wait until you are over this afternoon!

Regards, Kat

Dear Cupcakes,

Can you bake yourselves? I have 50 million things to do today before the fayre and you being the most time consuming...*sigh*

Exhausted, Kat

Dear Cars,

Alright, I have spent ridiculous amounts of money this year to get you MOT'd. Next year could you please just pass the dang inspection so I don't have to be broke at Christmastime again?

*Shakes empty purse*, Kat

Dear Gingerbread Rogers,

Next time when the dog barks and I am holding you, the correct response is to ignore it, not freak out and run with your claws out. My hands just might have lasting scars because of this.

Love Your Understanding New Human Mom, Kat

Dear Readers,

I hope you all have wonderful weekends. If you have a letter, please link up!

Love, Kat