Monday, July 12, 2010

I Understand It Now

LaLa came into the living room on Sunday afternoon wearing a long shirt and a pair of tights. Now, the shirt did come over her backside, so I can see where the confusion as a six year old would come from- as in, it covers my bum it must be a dress. She is six so I let her get away with it. We aren't leaving the house. No harm, no foul.

Then I got to thinking about it; I have seen this look before. I have seen this look on the university girls down in Cambridge! I have ranted in my head "Just because you put a pair of tight on under that shirt doesn't make it ok, sweetheart!"

Of course the girls at Cambridge aren't the only summer fashion victims I have seen whilst living in England. There has been the man in short shorts at the market. The rather large woman sporting large amounts of pink wobbly flesh in the local town square. Ok, to be fair there are is a lot of wobbly pink flesh all over the place at the moment. In general- and you Brits can yell at me later about this- the British do not fair well in hot weather. In fact when it get hot there is not much clothing to be found on man or woman. I now understand it, however. It is not only hot here, but there is no central air conditioner to be found anywhere. You lot are just lucky I am not walking around town in my knickers.