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Monday, July 19, 2010


I was laying on my bed, my husband asleep next to me around 10 Friday morning. I wasn't sleeping, just laying there. My kids were at school. The house was quiet, for once. Relaxation. From behind me I heard a little girl say, "Mummy". Remember, my kids are at school. The hairs on my arm and neck stood on end and I turned around to see nothing at the doorway behind me. I know what I heard though. Someone or rather something said "Mummy".

I have now tried to rationalize this whole experience because for one, I spend a lot of time at home alone, at night. Also, I really have an active imagination. So here are possible explanations I have come up with to sooth myself. The cat meowed and it just sounded weird. Well, this doesn't work unless my cat has learned the ability to speak with an English accent. Last I checked he hadn't. The other explanation I came up with is that maybe I was half asleep. Only, I wasn't half asleep. I didn't even have my eyes shut.