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Sunday, July 25, 2010

LaLa is Smarter Than Me or Why I Am Eating Humble Pie

For weeks now LaLa has been telling me that the largest number in the world is "gram" and I kept saying "No, the largest number is infinity" and then she would go on to insist that it was "gram". Well, tonight I thought I would prove her wrong and show her that I was right and "gram is a unit of measure not a number" by using Professor Google. Have you ever seen a woman eat humble pie? Let me paint you the scene of what happened at the Bungalow.

As I was all high and mighty, I Googled, "what is the highest number in the world?", only have "Graham's number" pop up on my screen and my jaw HIT THE GROUND. Apparently the word infinity is not actually a number at all, just a describing term. Also apparently, Graham's number is not actually the largest number (since you could technically just add one) but it is the largest number that can mathematically be calculated (but not by us mere mortals only superhuman mathematicians).

So, she was as right as a six year old can be and I was wrong. Now, I must go finish my humble pie.