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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear So and So...Please Excuse the Squeeing

Dear Michelloui and NFAH,

I can't wait to see you guys tonight!! We are going to have entirely too much fun. SQUEEEEE!!!

Love, Kat

Dear Coughs,

Please vacate my children's bodies. It's getting old now.

Ta, Kat

Dear House,

I clean and clean and yet you are still not spotless. What gives?

Tired, Kat

Dear Kat,

You have children. Sorry.

Love, House

Dear POW Sam Kitty,

Your escape attempts this week have not been amusing. I am tired of spending time on my hands and knees coaxing you out from under the deck in the backyard. If I didn't have so much money invested in you I wouldn't bother.

Stay in the Dang House!!, Human Mama Kat

Dear Self,

More tea equals more wee. Keep that in mind.

Love, Kat

Dear Readers,

Please leave your letters with Mr. Linky. I love reading them each week!

Love, Kat

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's Your Favorite Feel Good Song?

Meagan from over at The Lady Who Lunches tagged me in a meme to name my favorite feel good song. Do you know how hard that is. I mean, I am a sucker for all music (especially BAD music) (Rock Me Amadeus, anyone?). I thought long and hard, poured over my iTunes files, wracked my brain and came to a decision. While there were many candidates (sorry, "Jump Around" by House of Pain), there could only be one winner.

And the Winner is...

"More Than a Feeling" by Boston. No, it isn't just because Brad Delp, the original singer for the group has probably the best mustache known to man in the the music video. No, it isn't because my husband used to play the song constantly on Rock Band. No, it isn't because it is probably in one of the best scenes in the history of the show "Scrubs" (ok, it might be a little because of that). It is because it really is one of those songs that you can't help but either nod along to, or sing along to, or play a little air guitar to (not that I would EVER do that..ever...much.). I mean, it really just makes you FEEL good.

I dare you to not at least tap your toe along.

Also, if you have time watch the Scrubs version. Air band awesomeness.

I am going to pass this little meme along to....Tara from Sticky Fingers, Jess from This Life is MIne, Amy from The Bitchin Wives Club, Not From Around Here, and Melissa from Smitten By Britain. Tag your it. Have fun girls!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Letter From The Man

LETTER FROM AFGANISTAN..America’s Warriors and Heroes

Dear readers,
I’ve been here in Afghanistan for almost a month now, and I wanted to use this avenue to reflect on some thoughts that I have had. This is my first trip to the warzone as it is called, and it is has been quite an experience for yours truly so far. Working long hours, very little time off, cramped living conditions, and above all not being able to spend time with my family are the norm for me and my fellow Airmen now. The average person would probably go crazy after I while, but everyday I see dedicated professionals going on about their business. Everyone here with my unit is excited to be here because we have a very important protect the guys and girls with boots on the ground. We all take it very seriously and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Every day I see young men and women, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, sons and daughters…all out here to do our job no matter what military branch you belong to. We all fight for the Red, White, and Blue, but out here it is more than that. We fight for each other. I see young Army soldiers, Marines, Navy personnel, and Airman everyday that I know will soon be in harm’s way, and it brings everything into the real perspective. As you go about your daily routine, please take some time to think about these men and women. Remember that they have made a choice to put themselves into the line of fire to defend our nation and preserve the freedoms that so many take for granted. They sacrifice much so that most people don’t have to. Continue to pray for the safe return of all of our military men and women….in my eyes they are all true warriors and heroes.

The Man

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back in the 80's

I was talking to by buddy, NFAH, and she mentioned Moonlighting as the first adult show she was allowed to watch despite the sexual innuendo. Then I mentioned that I would sneak into my parents bedroom and try to watch 21 Jump Street on my parents old black and white TV with rabbit ears. Yes, I knew it was wrong to do, but 21 Jump Street was an awesome show, can you really blame me?

Then I got to thinking about my family and our TV watching habits. When I was growing up, cable TV was just coming into it's own. No longer were we restricted to just the big three TV stations. We now had Fox (which wasn't cable), MTV, Nickelodeon, HBO and around 80 other new networks. It was a TV explosion.

When I used to arrive home from school, I would do my homework as my mom would watch Oprah. I would sit at the dining room table and watch the TV from across the back of the sofa that defined the partition between the living room and dining room in our condo; often getting told to get a move on with my homework. My dad would arrive home shortly after 5 and we would have dinner as a family, around the dining room table. After dinner, we would all watch the local and National News together. Always NBC with Dan Rather. At 7:30 we watched Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon as a family, then it was time for bed. Now, I knew I HAD to be asleep by the time I heard the theme song to Roseanne through my bedroom wall (the tell tale harmonica riff was like my mental clock), which was attached to the living room. If I heard the theme song to China Beach, I knew I had better not come out of my bedroom with a lame excuse. That was my Mom's favorite show and she really didn't like to be interrupted. Plus it was on crazy late, like 10pm. If the Tonight Show was on, well, I just better pretend I was sleep walking.

It is weird what you remember from your childhood. What do you remember about TV shows and how they related to your family from when you were a kid?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear So and So...NOT Out for the Count!!

Dear Murphy (as in Law),

I got your number a-hole. My preemptive strike when LaLa said her ears hurt yesterday lead to a feverless diagnosis of her double ear infection. She is back at school, feels fine, and is on her antibiotics.

Take That Egg and Suck On It, Kat

Dear ER Doc #1,

I'm not going to say you missed KiKi's ear infection and I'm not going to say you didn't. Let's just say after three days of a 103-104.7 temperature I had to go BACK to the ER to get a diagnosis. Don't worry, your cute English accent and grandfatherly like ways completely saved your backside on this one.

Forgiven, Kat

Dear ER Doc Numero Dos,

Thanks for being so awesome. You not only found the problem, but you were kind enough NOT to mention the fact we had just been to the ER a couple of nights before. I know I should have made an appointment with KiKi's PCM (Primary Care Manager)(which your front desk attendant had NO PROBLEM chiding me for), but she would act fine during the day and then her temp would sore at night. Not only were you understanding, but because you have a child her age you were completely great with your bedside manner with her. You didn't talk down to her, but you explained in terms she would understand. Grade on your performance: A+.

Thank You, Kat

Dear KiKi and LaLa,

I know you are sick and all that jazz, but I think you are forgetting a few rules that we must follow while Daddy is gone.

#1- I am the Mom, I am in charge.
#2- When I say it is bedtime at 8pm, I don't mean 8:15, 8:20, 8:45 or 9. I mean 8. That means get your hind quarters into bed, close your eyes and go to sleep.
#3- Hamburger Helper is an acceptable meal option for all meals. Don't complain about what is set in front of you, it could be worse.
#4- Talk back to me and end up in time out. (This is to you LaLa)
#5-If you make a mess, clean it up.

See now if we follow these rules everything will run a lot more smoothly.

Love, That Crazy Woman You Call Your Mother

Dear Local Friends,

You have been a godsend. Thank you so much.

*Big Puffy Hearts*, Kat

Dear Dad,

I promise next time I am too busy to write I will warn you.

LOL, Kat

Dear Joanie,

Did it live up to your expectations??

*smooches* Kat

Dear Readers,

If you have letters you would like to get out into the open, please leave a link!! I love reading all your letters, even if I don't comment, believe me, I have been by!

Big Squishy Hugs, Kat

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Not Dead Yet

Ok, so here's the deal. KiKi is sick. Like she has been running a fever of about 104 for the past 3 days sick. First ER trip on Monday netted me a WHOLE BOTTLE OF TYLENOL. Yeah, that did me a lot of good. Finally couldn't stand it last night and took her back in, Found out that she has a "significant" ear infection. Landed her some antibiotics and more fever reducing medications (Tylenol and Motrin). Now I just have to get over my phobia of her Amoxycyllan (allergic to it) manage the fever and make her feel better. ALSO, LaLa woke up screaming last night that her ears hurt, so 1:45pm appointment with the pediatrician for us today. Now, don't you feel a whole bunch more informed on where I have been.

Topics to Soon Be Covered:

Why it is wrong to put corn on pizza

How I read four books in two days

LaLa's strange request to start eating school lunches

LaLa now calls dessert "pudding" now

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear So and So...Idiots are Among Us!

Dear Lady at the BX,

Pajama pants are meant for bed, not the public. I don't even go out to the bus without changing into at least a pair of jeans, and I don't even have to leave my yard for that. When you wear such things it makes you look like you have just given up. I know, you probably have a baby at home and haven't showered in 3 days, but still, just a little effort please, for those who have to look at you.

Thanks in advance, Kat

Dear Stupid Cow at Tesco,

If you see me and my three year old who is obviously going to be sitting in the trolly, don't take the dry one. Your purse can't feel the wetness on it's bottom, my kid can.

Grrr, Kat

Dear Bus Driver,

I know we were late yesterday morning, but that doesn't give you the right to tell me off. It is the first time I have ever been late. It isn't like I was extremely late, I just had to get LaLa's coat on and send her out the door.

Cut Us Some Slack, Kat

Dear LaLa,

You can not fake sick. I am the master of the art and know a fake cough when I hear it. Nice try kid.

Love, Mom

Dear Readers,

If you have some letters and need to get something off your chest, please leave your link with Mr. Linky. Have a fabulous weekend.

Love, Kat

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I sit, watching, feeling helpless. The devastation. The hurt. The sadness, soon to be replaced by anger. They had nothing at the start and are left with even less. Digging out of the rubble with their bare hands. A mother who has lost all four children when her home collapsed and then the last one died at the hospital. I can't imagine it, yet, I see the horrors of it plain as day on my television screen.

I fall into puddles of tears each time I turn on the television. I want to help, but have no means. So, I write. That is my part. This is what I can do. I can raise awareness.

There are countless places to donate to in order to help the people of Haiti. Here are a few very reputable charities who are active in the relief efforts for Haiti. If you can donate, please do. If you can't, raise awareness.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow; No Heat

Since you know nothing can go smooth at the Bungalow, it won't surprise you that when the UK has the worst cold snap since the 1960s, I lost heat. I know, preposterous, you say! Preposterous is exactly what I was thinking too since I ordered gas for heating on Dec 31 and was expecting delivery in 5-7 days. On Friday, after not receiving my gas, I rang the gas company again. My tank was now on E, basically running on fumes. I stressed to them that I was at home with two little children and I REALLY needed my gas delivery. I was told it would be "prioritized". Saturday morning I woke up, no heat. I called the gas company again. Once again "we'll prioritize it". Mmmm yes, that magical prioritizing.

By 10am, I was freeeezing. The kids were freeeezing. I messaged my friend Sam, who lives down the road, told her our situation, then spoke to her on the phone. She offered to let us come spend the day at her house. She is a saint. That night we returned to a house that's temperature was hovering probably around 50 degrees on the inside. I put the kids in my bed under a comforter, duvet and blanket. I crawled in there that evening after I couldn't stand being cold despite my Snuggie. Under the layers of duvets it wasn't so cold, but in the morning my throat was sore from the cold.

Sunday morning I rang the gas company once again. This time, they weren't in the office. Lovely. I had nobody to yell at. Awesome. I called Sam again. We spent the day at her house again. Her husband John cooked us an awesome pork roast for dinner complete with potatoes, cauliflower, peas, Yorkshire was lovely. I wandered back to my ice box house around 8pm. The kids had taken a bath at Sam's, so at least they were clean for school this morning when I woke up.

I called the gas company, once again, this morning. Apparently my gas was delivered yesterday while I was at Sam's. BUT my pilot light is out, so no heat. Epitome of awesome. Right now, I am waiting, in my freezing house for the gas engineer (technician) to show up to help me get my gas situation sorted. I know if I leave the house they will magically show up (UK engineers and package delivery people are gifted at this). I would attempt it myself, but at this point and with my luck, I would probably blow the house up.

** Side note** Yesterday I was sitting at Sam's house talking about all the things I could be doing. Well, you all know my cat's name is Sam as well. Listing off chores I could be doing if I had heat in the house I said "I need to clean out Sam's box (talking about my cat's litterbox)" *Paused* "Not your box" (to friend Sam). Both of us at this point fell into fits of laughter to the point we were both crying. Beware if you cat has the same name as your female friend...

**UPDATE** Engineer came and fixed the boiler/pilot light. I now theoretically have heat. Just waiting for it to get warmed up in here. Large house, might take a bit.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear So and So...Baby It's Cold Outside

Dear POW Sam Kitty,

Upon your latest escape I did the following calculations. 1) It takes about 20 seconds for snow to seep through jeans when you are kneeling on it. 2) It takes about 2 minutes for your knees to go completely numb from said snow. 3) I am capable of producing about 15 swear words in those two minutes. 4) After about five minutes the numb turns to a burning sensation. 5) After about 10 minutes in the snow I am ready to wash my hands of you and let you get hit by the cars on the main road. 6) It takes roughly 15 minutes to wrangle a cat who is under the huge back deck in the snow. 7) I lost count of curse words, but it was a lot.

A-hole!, Kat

Dear Mr. Air Force Dentist Dude and Assistant,

I nearly peed myself (with gauze and metal bits in my mouth) when you guys suggested that a paintballing session might be better than couples therapy. "You remember the time you..." *pelt partner with paintballs*

Still Laughing, Kat

Dear KiKi,

I might just pop with joy over your love of puzzles. Maybe one day we can work really big puzzles together like I used to do with Granny. It will be awesome. Now, if I could just get you to quit peeing your pants...

Love, Mom

Dear LaLa's Little Friend Who Called On The Phone Last Night,

I am not sure if I am ready for this chatting on the phone with a friend thing yet. I thought surely I had another year or two until this madness started. And that impression LaLa did of me? Soooo not accurate.

Give Momma a Break, Kat

Dear Elizabeast,

You are nearly as good a snuggler as The Man, but you'll do. Plus you're cute, and furry, so that helps.

Love, Your Human Mom

Dear Readers,

If you have a Dear So and So... to add please link up. Keep warm, you horrible lot!

*smooches*, Kat

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

School was cancelled today due to the light snow we have received (and is still falling). Of course I didn't find out until coming back inside from waiting for the nonexistent school bus for 10 minutes. When I came inside I had 2 missed phone calls and a text telling me school was cancelled. Just my luck, froze my ass off for no reason.

Of course my root canal appointment for this afternoon is still a go too.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Favorite Photo-Meme

I got tagged by the lovely Tara from Sticky Fingers to post my favorite photo. It doesn't matter which photo I choose. It just has to be my favorite (and on my hard drive). Let me tell you, it is pure torture to sort through pictures and only pic one as a favorite. I did it though!!

This my dears, is my favorite photo. We were out for a walk with my parents while they were visiting in the "animal park" this past spring. They had been chasing bunnies around the close. We decided to walk along the trails (thank goodness for Wellies) and I captured this shot. It just makes me happy. My girls, Wellie boots, and walking in the English countryside. Perfect, just perfect.

I am passing this Meme along to:

Jay- because she is an outstanding photographer.
Chad- cause who doesn't like pictures of Connor and Liam?
Jess- cause I know the photo will be entertaining.
Amy- another fantastic photographer and fellow American in the UK

Get to scouring your files kids, I expect to see results soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Saturday night I was drained. Mentally I was drained. The kids had been a nightmare all day; KiKi continuously wetting her pants and LaLa testing her boundaries with attitude, hand on hips and stomping of the foot. I just really wanted a minute to talk to my husband and was really looking forward to 8pm, when he said he would try to be online.

At 8pm I checked Skype and saw him online. With a big exhale I messaged him. Then he lost his connection (or so I assumed). I lost it. We have been having spotty connection issues since he got DownRange. He has been relying on the free Internet connections at the moral centers at the base. Moral centers might be an oxymoron because the Internet connections there are the most unreliable. So, I lost it. Tears. Messages to Jay telling her how sick I was of the dropped connections and my crappy day. Finally, after about 30 minutes I pulled it together and got the kids in bed.

When I returned to the computer an hour later, he was back online. I had waiting messages. I was a bit excited to say the least. We had a nice conversation without a single interruption. Come to find out, he was at a kiosk purchasing a reliable connection the first time he popped up; testing the connection. My moment of disappointment was him actually trying to make sure that our communication method was better.

Lordy, I really miss him.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Separation Anxiety

It started a couple of weeks ago. KiKi wet her pants. No big deal. I changed her pants, told her that big girls use the potty and thought little of it. Then it happened again and again and again. It is to the point that I am running out of clean underpants and trousers for the child! My washing machine is going at full tilt all the time. I am resisting the urge to put her back in diapers, because she *IS* toilet trained. She knows how to do it!

Then I got to thinking. Then I did some Googling (cause Google is never wrong). Talked to my Granny (cause Granny is never wrong either). Then came to a conclusion. The first time she wet her pants was a couple of weeks before my husband left for Afghanistan. Yes, he was here, but it was a time where maybe emotionally it was a bit strained around here. It was a time of frenzy. Maybe a conversation within earshot of the kids happened, I'm not sure. I am sure she knew that something was up. We told the kids about the deployment, and LaLa gets it. She knows Daddy is going to work in Afghanistan for a long time, of course not knowing the full implications of that. KiKi, well she just knows Daddy isn't home.

I know every child takes a deployment differently. LaLa has become a bit clingy and a bit overbearing. She has also started to test her boundaries to see how much she can get away with (not much La, sorry.) KiKi has regressed. I know it will eventually stop (at least before she is married) and I am trying NOT to yell, scold, and be "mean mommy" about it. I know this time is difficult for her, but it is also difficult for me.

I am so not looking forward to having to re-train her, but it looks like my only option at this point. Reward M&M's anyone?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Dear So and So...New Years Edition

Dear 2009,

We've had our ups. We've had or downs. Mostly you've been, eh. Kinda glad you are over.

Meh, Kat

Dear 2010,

Bring it on!

I Dare You, Kat

Dear BBC2,

Did you really have Boy George on TV? I guess he is done serving that sentence for having that male escort tied up in his flat then?

*snort*, Kat

Dear City of London,

Lovely fireworks display!

Thank You, Kat


Dear Stupid Drunk New Years Eve Drivers,

Thanks for staying off the roads until I got home from my New Years Eve get together. I had a lovely time with all my friends and I would have been really ticked off if you had ruined it for me. BTW, if you are drinking and driving SHAME ON YOU!!!!

*swift kick in the ass*, Kat

Dear Readers,

I love you guys to pieces. Please have a safe and happy New Year! If you wrote any letters, please link up with Mr. Linky.

Love, Kat