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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is It Wednesday Yet?

No? Only Tuesday? Drat!

This is how I generally feel at the end of school holidays. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. I just love my kids better when they are in school. There is a rhythm to our life that happens when they are in school. The come home bursting with interesting things to tell me about their day and what they have learned as opposed to fighting every three minutes about who is playing with what toy. I don't care who is playing with it just quit fighting!! I like having the freedom to do all the chores I have for the day in the morning without having a child underfoot. I want my house back in some sort of form of organized chaos as opposed to just chaos.

I do love the beginning of school holidays. I love having my babies home to watch movies and play games. I like to do a bit of drawing with them. I actually like taking my kids out with me to run quick errands at the beginning of the holidays, ya know, when they still have their listening ears on from school. Then as the weeks roll by, two of them this holiday, my nerves start to fray. Their actions become more cheeky. My voice apparently starts to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher. And then I start looking at the calendar on my wall like the enemy. It taunts me with it's numbers and the label of "Beginning of Term". That calendar is an a-hole. My kids are heathens who need to be in school. Mommy needs a break.

Thank goodness school starts tomorrow.


Kimberly Wright said...

LOL.... Sometimes I wish I could send mine to school!

Sueann said...

Ha!! Hooray for tomorrow. Enjoy

Joanie said...

I'm with you! I know I could never home school my kids. I was always way too happy to send them off so someone with a lot more patience than me could teach them what they needed to learn.

Jan said...

You know what they say ? absence makes the heart grow fonder ,Im sure you all appreciate a break from each other Jan xx

Him Up North said...

LOL, I think the kids are ready too. Despite their complaining they like returning to the routine.

Debbie said...

Yay! I'm exactly with you and so glad that its not just me that is dreaming of packing them off. I've got one more day and then - I'm free!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I have no idea why people want to have their kids at home with them all day every day.
They do my head in just at weekends.

I actually take holidays when they are at school - I know, I'm a very bad mother etc etc but whenever they are here with me they both just disappear out with their friends.

Mine have been back two days now, and I'm back to work tomorrow.

Amanda said...

Mine oldest two went back on Monday...and it was fabulous. I still have the two younger at home, but that's our normal. We are slowly sinking back into our routine.