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Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear So and So....bespectacled

It's Friday!!! That means I get to rant and rave about the weeks events and you can join in! You know you want to! In the words of the mortal Diddy, lets go!

Dear LaLa,

I am so glad that you are excited that you need glasses. Your eyes may be a little wonky, but your attitude about the impending bespectacled face that you are going to have is spot on. Your excitement while picking out your new frames was contagious and I can't wait until we can pick your new glasses up from the optician.


Dear Water Guys Working in Village Up the Road,

When are you going to be done with your work? I am not sure what you are exactly doing, but the fact that you have closed off one lane into town is really rather inconvenient during the school run. Good thing I never run late *giggle snort giggle*

Waiting Semi Patiently and Sometimes Running Late,

Dear House Elves,

Do I once again have to fire you? The house is a wreck. Did you lot have a party while I have been out and about?

Wondering How The House Can Wreck Itself While You Aren't Home,

Dear Sam Kitty,

I guess we can now add rabbit killer to your assassin resume, eh?

Gives Up Dreams of Pretending to Be Snow White,

Dear Readers,

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Please join in if you have your own letters!

Love, Kat


Jenny Kearney said...

Those pesky house elves seem to spend a lot of time here too!

Sueann said...

I think it's elves running rampant here too!!
Glad she is excited about her glasses!

Ffi said...

So happy about her least she doesn't have to wear NHS old lady ones!


Jenn B said...

Ooh, maybe its elves - we've been blaming the mess on the fairies over here!!!!

I linked up - whew, do I feel better!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog and HAD to join in, this is a fun one!


If I Could Escape . . . said...

My oldest son was excited when he first got his glasses too. He's now 14 and hates them. ;)

Anonymous said...

We have house-elf issues too...

MyDatinghangovers said...

Oh how FUN! I'd like to add my own:

Dear Mr. Easy Rider,

All of us neighbors know how much you loooooove your Harley, but please - we're a little tired (from your WAKING US) of hearing the vroom, vroom, vroom at 5am. Stop it. Now.


Emma said...

Gosh darn those house elves.....they sure get around ;-) Did my first So and So this week!! x

Katie said...

Aww! Glad she is excited about her glasses! My madam wanted glasses and was gutted when she was told she didn't need them! x

Mellodee said...

A serious one today to our Planet Earth!

Megan said...

That's so cute about LaLa's glasses! I didn't like mine when I got them in 2nd. grade. Then again, they were gigantic! :)

Big Mama Cass said...

I am going to have to fire my house elves! :(

Dorset Dispatches said...

I've got some of those house elves as well. Oh wait a minute. No, just my children. Grrr.

Maureen said...

I admire your daughter's attitude about wearing glasses. Quite right too! I wear glasses. (So does my husband, and so do both sons). There's nothing wrong with wearing glasses (or "specs" as my hubby insists on calling them).

I love your "Dear So and So" posts by the way.