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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If You Need Something Done, Ask a Busy Person To Do It...

...just not this busy person.

For the last few weeks my feet have barely hit the ground because I have been so incredibly busy. I find this especially amusing because I don't have an actual paying job. I have kids, a husband, friends, appointments, important shopping, not so important shopping (come on girls, we all know there is a difference), laundry...oh dear Lord the laundry....

Here are some of the funnier moments of the past couple days since I don't have the time to write a proper post.

1) My friend spotted a pigeon with only one toe on one of it's feet and said "Oh my! That pigeon only has one toe on it's foot". To which I naturally replied "I bet it claims disability".

2) LaLa and KiKi were fighting (wait for it) and KiKi yelled "Mom, LaLa is coffeeing me!!" I think she mean copying.

3) Sam Kitty and Lizabeast ran outside together at the same time. The cat ran under the dog, tripping her, the dog fell on the cat, the cat bolted out from underneath her and into the dark driveway. After Lizabeast was done with her "business" she was wandering around and went near the gate that leads to the driveway, Sam Kitty came back and exacted his revenge by pouncing on her out of the darkness and then ran back into hiding. Meanwhile I am standing on the porch trying not to wee myself with laughter.

4) I lost 3.5 more pounds bringing the grand total up to 11 pounds lost so far. That wasn't so much funny as I SQUEEEE moment.

5) My dad suggested that I should buy another iPad and use that as leverage against LaLa. That wasn't so much funny giggle funny, as it was not a shot in hell funny.

6) KiKi told LaLa "If you can't play nice, then we can't play at all" She's 4, ya'll. I cracked up.

7) When I made LaLa go to bed at 7pm last night (thanks for the advise MAW), she yelled from her room "I don't LIKE this punishment!!" (kinda the point kiddo)

8) KiKi asked her sister, "La what does ka-ah-ka spell?" *eyes wide* Mind you, she was just spitting out random letters in phonics. Phonics is trying to give me gray hair!

So if you need to find me, I am busy. If I am not busy with life, I am busy laughing at life.


Sueann said...

Ha! Great post!! I would like to have just one iPad!???!!!

PippaD said...

Number three had me wetting myself with laughter too!

unmitigated me said...

Laughing is good.

Jess said...

11 POUNDS! GET THE FUCK OUT!! **HIGH FIVE*** SO fucking proud of you!!!

Seriously though...7:00 bed time sounds divine!

Granny said...

I just love the f--- word in your comments. Shows such class.

This is such a funny post. With the girls around, there is never a dull moment. Can't wait to see them in person. Less than a month, yea.

Hugs and kisses.