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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Short Story That Will Make My Mom Cringe

The other night we had sausages and chips for dinner. It was extremely yummy because the butchers near our house make some mighty fine sausages. About 30 minutes after we had finished dinner, LaLa came back into the kitchen looking for more.

LaLa: "Hey Mum, do we have anymore of those sausages?"
Me: "Umm no, I think your dad ate the last one."
LaLa: "Dammit."

Of course at first my brain didn't process that my 8 year old daughter had just said dammit; albeit a minor swear word, a swear word none the less. Once however my brain engaged and I picked my jaw off the ground I launched into the mandatory "That's a naughty word" admonishment. To which she replied "Oh, alright then." and walked on her merry way.

I can feel the grey hairs looming in my near future.