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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From The I Can't Make This Crap Up Files...

The husband comes home from work yesterday, set his things from work down, and then came and gave me a conspicuous inspection.  It was like being seen by a doctor- only this doctor was wearing Air Force camo and had gigantic combat boots.  He was obviously looking for something on my face...

Hubby-  "Did your cheek or eye hurt today?"
Me- "Umm no...should it have?"
Hubby- "Well, last night when I was sleeping I rolled over and elbowed you straight in the eye. It woke me out of a dead sleep.  You didn't seem to notice but it had to have hurt.  Then this morning I checked to make sure I didn't give you a black eye."
Me-  "You elbowed me in the eye?"
Hubby- "Obviously I didn't mean to elbow you in the eye...."
Me- "How in the world did I not feel you elbow me in the eye? You would think that I would at least kinda feel it."
Hubby-  "Dunno, but you look fine."
Me- "Yeah, I think you might have gotten a call at work if I had woken up with a black eye!"

I find it completely weird that if my kid even breaths wrong in their sleep I hear it, but my husband elbowed me in the eye (according to him "pretty damn hard") and I didn't feel a thing.  I seriously was completely unaware that this event took place until The Man came home and gave me the once over.  How bizarre.