Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh For *&^%'s Sake

I live out in the middle of nowhere. There are literally fields everywhere around me. Sometimes I forget that there is a two lane road that runs directly in front of my house. It is a fairly busy road during the day time hours, but at night, pretty desolate.

This week they started nighttime road works. Not a big deal. Some noise. No big deal. No big deal until it is midnight, you step out of the shower, you realize you forgot your towel. Then you tiptoe out to the hall to get the towel and only then as you look out the window directly in front of you, naked as a jay bird*, in a brightly lit hallway, and remember the roadworks crew working on the road out front of your house.

Hope they enjoyed the show (or at least aren't scarred for life).

*au natural, disrobed, exposed, in birthday suit, in the buff, stark naked, without a stitch.