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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Gonna Need a Lot of Stones...

I wrote this post on Tuesday night and then sent it to my close friend Jess for her opinion. Her opinion is in red. I am leaving in the parts that she didn't agree with and commented on. I hope that by publishing this it will lead to more discussion about the issue of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

If you are not aware, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the US military's policy on gays in the military was up for a repeal vote on Tuesday and was blocked in the Senate after being approved in the house. I am personally disappointed in the Senate. Let me rephrase that, I am ashamed and disappointed in the Senate.

I have never really made my views on gays serving in the military known on my blog. Mostly, because anyone who knows me would see my stance as a given. OK, it might be a shock to some. Let me spell it out for everyone. I support the rights of gays to serve in the military. I think Don't Ask, Don't Tell is a sham of a law. I don't think anyone should have to LIE about who they are to keep their job in the military.

I have heard a million arguments about why gays shouldn't be allowed to serve and I would like to take a minute to address some of them.

1. Gays will be harassed if they join. Hell, straights are harassed sometimes by their coworkers. It's called sexual harassment and can be punished under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).

Just as a comment, harassing someone because they are gay isn’t necessarily sexual harassment, but harassment nonetheless. I feel fairly confident that harassment exists right now for men and women, gay or straight. It is just part of life and particularly found to be part of military life. It goes with the manly-man machismo persona that is part of SOME (not ALL) the military lifestyle. It is also (obviously) VERY common in civilian life.

On top of that, let’s talk about straight people that sleep around, cheat on their spouses and those (military) who pay child support, but don’t give two shits about the child. When did it become OK to hate someone because of whom they choose to have sex with, but in the same breath find it completely acceptable that your friends have multiple partners, are unfaithful and ignore personal responsibility? Is THAT the kind of person I want to be serving my country? Someone who can’t even man/woman up in their own life, and I am expected to trust them with protecting mine?

2. Some gay will come onto me. Believe me, gays don't want to get punched as much as straights. If a gay knows you aren't gay, believe me they aren't going to push the issue.

Yeah, that misnomer always cracks me up. Do straight people try and hump every other heterosexual they come in contact with? This line of thinking just doesn’t make any sense. Why because you are gay does morality, consideration and respect suddenly fly out the window? Gays are JUST as respectful, if not MORE, than straights. As a matter of fact, I can PERSONALLY attest to some horrendous things men have said and done to me at bars to try and get me to go home with them. My ass has NEVER been grabbed (uninvited) by another woman

3. Gay men are too girly (fairy, flamboyant, etc) to be able to handle the stress, fire a gun, ect. Hell, I know men who are straight and couldn't handle military pressure. Have you never seen those really buff gay men who could probably kick some major ass? Yeah, I want that guy next to my husband firing his weapon at the enemy.

Do you really see Bobby (Bobby is her gay roommate who might be considered flamboyant by somebody's standard but to me he is just Bobby) joining the military? Believe me; the gays that are going to join the military AFTER “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is revoked (and one day it will be) are going to be the same gay men and women that have been joining since the beginning of the military. They join because they feel strongly about military service. It isn’t like the flood gates are going to open and all these drag queens are going to be showing up ready to go. Though drag queens can kick some serious ass. Don’t eff wit em.

4. It will cause undo stress on the military to integrate gays. Just like it caused undo stress to integrate blacks? You do know that blacks were not allowed to serve next to whites for a large portion of our nations history right? Shameful, right? Yep, that's what I thought too.

I have heard this before and that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard anyone say. Is it causing stress now? Cause you know that “the gays” have infiltrated, right? If those pesky gays hadn’t already integrated in the military, then we would have no reason to discuss “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

Let me put it to you this way. If someone is willing to die for their country, I don't care who he or she wants to hit the sack with; it is none of my business. Also, for those Christians who want to yell about the fact that is a sin, let me ask you this, aren't you supposed to love the sinner hate the sin? Do you think discrimination is love? If so, I might need the address to your glass house.

Again, I must bring up the unbelievable amount of fornication that happens within the church. I have PERSONALLY been involved with Christians that have cheated on their spouses, laundered money, been divorced multiple times…the list goes on. If they really want to talk about SIN then that is one thing, but it might be important to figure out what their definition of sin is. Apparently it has nothing to do with adultery or being dishonest.

I saw the below quote in an article earlier this week:

In a letter last week to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Land said he and his organization are "gravely concerned" that the repeal of DADT "would result in the resignation of large numbers of personnel who are currently serving in our all-volunteer services, and that it will be extremely difficult to recruit their replacements."

Re-tard-iculous. So, if these people leave the military, they are going to have to get jobs, right? Would it not be logical to say that there are going to be gays working at those jobs too? Are you going to continuously quit working and go on welfare because you have to work with gays? Do you think gay people just showed up this year? They have always been around. What the f*ck people.

I have only really commented on what you have written, but I would love to answer questions that your readers might have.

My qualifications are as follows: Card carrying lesbian. Child of parents that have both worked for the military (civilian) for 30+ years. Grandchild of three grandparents who served and retired in the Air Force and Navy. Sister of brothers who are in the Coast Guard and Air Force Reserve. Have gay friends in the military at this very moment.

I know that some of my views might lose me some followers and I am OK with that. This is my opinion and Jess'. If you disagree with me or her, I ask you at least be respectful in the comments. There will be no name calling or I will delete the comment. And for the record Jess and I are not going after all Christians because we both ARE Christians, just the ones who pick and choose what a sin is. Just getting the out in the open before someone gets their panties in a twist.