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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is It Really Worth It?

My country, the USA, is founded on the principle of freedom. However, with freedom comes responsibility. You have freedom of speech. You can't falsely shout fire in a crowded theater for example (isn't that always the example!). To me, this "pastor" of this "church" down in Florida is doing exactly that by burning the Quran. How is that you ask?

Think of it like this. Afghanistan is the theater. The aflame Quran is the alleged fire. The people attacking our Soldiers, Airman, Marines is the aftermath. It will be a chain reaction, mark my words.

The people of Afghanistan, or the entire Islamic world, will not see this as an act by one wackadoodle pastor in Florida. They will see this as an act done by the entire United States against their religion. The people of these countries, more often than not, do not have access to the Internet. They cannot see the descent from the everyday Americans who think that this act is a horrible idea. They only hear from others, as gossip, that an American burned their holiest book. An act in their eyes that is worthy of waging war against Americans and American allies.

While I am just one voice, I am one voice saying "Stop this! Do not let this person do this to our troops! Do not let him corrupt Christianity! Do not let him corrupt America! Do not let him speak for America with his idiotic actions!" Freedom of speech has it's limits, this should be one of them. Killing troops knowingly by your actions is not covered in my book.

To you, Terry Jones, "pastor" of Dove World Outreach Center,

How dare you! How dare you put our troops at even more risk with your quest to sell more books. How dare you! Please, feel free to go to the front lines so that my friends who defend your freedom to "preach" this bull shit can come home.