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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gingerbread Rogers

My husband should know better than to try to resist the cute. Fact is, if LaLa wants something and it isn't too much of a big deal, LaLa is pretty much going to get it. In fact, if The Man hadn't given in on her first try, I bet he would have given in the next day. Well, LaLa wanted a kitten for her birthday so guess what LaLa got yesterday?

Meet the newest member of the bungalow family, Gingerbread Rogers. Ginger for short. We don't want to be pretentious. She is an orange little ball of fluff and looks remarkably similar to Sam Ninja Kitty. *matching kitties squeeeee!!!!* The difference is Sam Ninja Kitty is about 10 pounds heavier than Ginger.

Sam Ninja Kitty is NOT amused

Also, Sam Kitty is completely not happy about her infringing on his cuddles. He spent the better part of yesterday moaning at her and avoiding her at all costs. He also gave me the cold shoulder because I am the one who brought the interloper into the house. She on the other hand spent the day roaming around the house, discovering Nemo's fish bowl, avoiding the curious dog, hiding from the overly enthusiastic children and trying to be Sam Kitty's best friend. I think she is a fan of immersion therapy. I am sure it will work. Eventually.