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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Ahhhhhhh Tuesday.  The day I get to mind dump upon the interwebz.  My little slice of crazy set forth upon you, my loyal reader.  You can thank Keely for this.


We had a stomach virus at the Bungalow the past few days.  LaLa got it Saturday night, which shot my Mother's Day.  Then KiKi and The Man came down with it on Monday, which shot my anniversary.  Such is life.  

It is kinda funny when a kid pukes on their father.  Not because the kid puked because that is just sad, but the look on the dad- priceless.

A two year old is incapable of letting you know before they toss cookies.  The best warning I got was a little cough before the storm.

A five year old will milk a tummy ache for days if you will let them.  Even when you know they are not sick anymore they will try to pull the pity card.

A 29 year old man is worse than a two year old when he is sick.  He wants to make sure everyone in the house knows he is sick.  

I swear if I get sick now I am gonna make sure everyone knows it and babies me.  Oh wait nevermind, Moms don't get sick days.

Twitter is a time suck.  I got rid of it.  I kinda miss it, but not enough to sign up for it again.

It is almost time for LaLa to get out of school for her week long half term break.  I need to think of something fun for us girls to do while she is out of school for that week.  Any suggestions are welcome.

I have decided that gardening is for people who don't have kids.  Or if they do have kids it is for people who's kids like to help them in the garden.  If their kids don't like to help with the garden than they must have a spouse who likes to help them garden.  I have decided this because most of the plants I planted earlier in the spring have died.  It might be because I didn't water them enough.  Either that or they have some sort of zombie virus.  I am putting my money on the zombie virus, cause surely my gardening skills are unquestionable.  

Donkey with his head stuck.
(Don't worry he got it back out after about 5 min of struggle)


Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about twitter when I tried it. Too addicting. Blogging is addicting enough, I didn't need another factor to that.

You know what gets me? Why do people reflex to cover their mouth as the puke comes out which then sprays it every which way?

Hope you stay healthy.

And yes, the hubs here is also a huge baby when he gets sick with something I just had and I was somehow able to still function.

Michele said...

Men are the worst when they are sick. Simple cold has just got to be pneumonia. I have 3 in my house. Can you have imagine the epic nature of all illness at my house? Still scares me.

mo.stoneskin said...

Oi, man-flu IS really really bad.

Unknown said...

I hate when the littlest gets sick. No warning at all is just the worst. Well, sleep vomiting is the worst but baby vomit is a close second.

(BTW - Nope, my fridge is nice Ikea door white, you know that plastic that looks like wood kind of thing.)

Peggy said...

Men are SUCH babies! My husband is the exact same way! What's worse is that for some reason, if I am sick...he totally ignores kills me!

Kurt said...

HAHAHAHA! Men are stupid! Because of all the penis!

That was sarcasm.

I hope you don't get sick, Kat!

That was not sarcasm.

I am Harriet said...

Great photo.
It's almost like justice when a kid pukes on the hubby.

Cameron said...

I got the brilliant idea of trying to grow tomato plants from seeds this year, rather than letting somebody else do it. I killed all but one instantly, but that one is hanging on for dear life ;)

Happy RTT!

Unknown said...

i hope you don't get sick!

love the donkey picture :)

Anonymous said...

Men are babies. They can't help themselves! Women are totally the stronger ones! Here's to hoping you stay well and the donkey never gets his head stuck like that again! OUCH!

Everyday Goddess said...

I am staying away from Twitter and Facebook, but I love the blogworld.

Too true about dads vs moms on being sick.

Gardening is like Twitter and Facebook for me. Not going there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have 2 sick kids right now but I'll take that over a sick husband any way. The kids, I can handle.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Sick husbands, or husbands who get sicked on, are MUCH worse than a sick child. Any day. It's an absolute.

Lisa said...

Ummmm... Twitter is my time suck and I'm not giving it up! But we miss you! It's not the same!

Do you mean the look when they get sicked on and they look like a nauseated deer in headlights? Yeah.. I wish we could predict toddler sick more so that we can get the camera ready to capture that priceless look before babying the baby and clening them up.

Bobby G said...

I laughed out loud, when a kid puke son a dad the look is priceless, its ALWAYS the same look! WE ARE babies when we are sick. and when Mom is REAL sick the HOUSE SHUTS DOWN! lol

GreenJello said...

I still don't get Twitter. But I like Facebook updates, go figure.

Kimberly Wright said...

I don't understand twitter enough to get addicting. I just post updates and respond on occasion. I guess that is a good thing.

I hope you don't get sick that would suck!

I also agree about the gardening. Mr. K wants too and I think he is nuts!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Twitter? What's that?

Michelle said...

Yucko on the sickies. I am a huge baby when i'm sick and I do get taken care of because if I don't then the world be damned by the wrath of Mom!
Gardening, I love it!! I spend at least an hour on it every day but my hubby loves it too. I think we just like the compliments from all the neighbors. All the wows your garden looks great this year. Of course it does. We spend more time in the garden than we do with the kids. We can eat the veggies, we have to feed the kids. lol

Design It Chic said...

Oh i know the brain cells dieing on the day/s the "big baby"(aka the husband) gets sick! So i hear ya sista'!
Hope you guys get better form that stomach virus, tough!

Happy Random Tuesday Thoughts!

(coming here from SITS)

Mariah said...

Men are sissies when they're sick. Stay healthy

Captain Dumbass said...

Gardening with kids is... interesting. Those people/magazines that tell you you should garden with your children because it teaches them blah blah blah are idiots. You take something that is relaxing and good for you and turn it into a stressful scream fest.

Man cold is worse because we're bigger.

Auntie A said...

My random Tuesday:
Hope I don't swine flu flying to Chicago tomorrow, lol, I am NOT listening to Joe Biden.
Wow 7 years..unbelievable!!!
Did the donkey work quietly to get
out or did he make an ASS out of himself????
Love you,
Auntie A

Anonymous said...

I think I always OVER watered the plants. Same end result though. Dunzo.

Reinvent Dad said...

Yep, I'm a big wussy when it comes to being sick or even the threat of getting sick. My oldest daughter has a cold/cough and I'm yelling at her not to use my glass, sink or computer. As soon as she went to school today I came home and disinfected every public surface in the home that she touched....hope you stay healthy Kat.

Jen said...

I love random post. And why is it that mom's don't get sick days. we should get them whether we are sick or not.

Season said...

Just came across your blog... very funny I must say! Yeah, I think Twitter sucks. I think I did it for one day, maybe two. The picture of the donkey is priceless... lol!

ChurchPunkMom said...

awe! you did get rid of twitter!! I've been wondering where you were.. I miss you.

Poor, silly ass.

Larkin said...

Men are terrible when they are sick. We just don't get sick days, do we?

Gardening sucks. The only thing I can grow are weeds. A lot of them.

You found my donkey!! YAY!

Cape Cod Gal said...

I totally got rid of my Twitter. I was getting nothing done!

Yes, men are babies when they're sick. The whole world must be alerted to their pain and feel pity.

Amy W said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear about the flu taking over the bungalow... Yuck.

Maybe all your plants got the flu, too??

Happy mother's day! :)

Mike said...

I agree about Twitter, My day is not interesting enough for me to keep telling people what I am doing. My typical post would be, well, I am watching sitcom reruns! LMAO!

for a different kind of girl said...

Well, that explains why I've not seen your face over there in Twitter...and gives away that I can be sucked into it far too long, too!

Fingers crossed you do not get sick. Being sick and being a mom is not an even equation!

Keely said...

I'm with you on the gardening thing. The first garden I put in at this house did really well until July, when I was 7 months pregnant. The one last year got neglected because I kept having to run off to keep my son from eating bugs. This one is looking hopeful - he can 'help' - but then again he might just pull up all my plants.


Jaime said...

i don't get twitter. i have it. never use it. don't really want to.

Jess said...

Pooooooooor lil buggers! Sick men are the WORST though!

Lola said...

I bet that was a male donkey!

Good for you for getting rid of Twitter. I have no idea what it is that is so addicting, but it appears it's all some people do. Blogging is more time-consuming than I like sometimes, so no Facebook or Twitter for me ever.

Anonymous said...

This is the third post I've read about puking. Puking makes me puke!