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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear So and So...Winter Nightmare

Dear Readers,

Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Godspeed, Kat

Dear Mother Nature,

I love snow or rather, I love the way snow looks from the inside of my nice warm house. Melt soon.

Thanks in advance, Kat

Dear Power Company,

Please refer to the letter to mother nature when I said I like to look at the snow from my nice WARM house. I guess that wasn't to be, eh? Yeah when the power cut happened at 9:30pm, I didn't panic. Surely it would come back on soon. I mean, there was only an inch of snow on the ground. Surely you wouldn't let us freeze all night. I was wrong. 14 hours later and two false alarms and I finally had my power back. BTW, my kids blame you for not being able to go play outside until we got our heat back.

Still Bitter and a Bit Frozen, Kat

Dear Self,

Get to work! You have cupcakes to bake for LaLa's birthday party (if anyone shows up now due to the snow) tomorrow. Oh and you have a house to pick up as well. GAH! I said get off the computer and work you silly cow!!

Yes Ma'am, Kat

Dear Readers (once again),

If you participated in Dear So and So... please leave you link with Mr. Linky so I can stop by your place and read all your permitting.

Love, Kat