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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

RTT- S'not

Have you ever seen a kid sneeze and unintentionally snot rocket themselves? The look of surprise is classic. Oh yeah, Happy Tuesday!


We all have colds here. The Man was the Ebola monkey for this round of colds. He came home with a tiny man cold last week and that crap propagated in this house like penicillin in a petri dish.

Today I am off to Cambridge to find the "it" toy of the season. Moxie GIrlz. Apparently they are the bastard child of Bratz, only less slutty, more wholesome. I find it hilarious that they promote being unique in their advertising but every little girl in the western world is going to get one for Christmas. I base this estimate on the fact that every time I tried to put one in my basket last night it got snatched out before I had a chance to check out. It was like being robbed in the middle of the Wal-Mart toy section. I was violated people!

Another thing, what is up with these Zhu-Zhu/ Go Go (UK) hamsters? Toy hamsters with their own cages, that run around in circles...yeah it seems cheaper to me to buy the real thing. One of those little hamsters is going for 30 some odd dollars on Amazon. I can get a real hamster for six bucks. Hamsters are evil anyway. I decided that when I worked at a pet store and had to feed the little monsters. Put your hand into a cage of the little Siberian a pack of wolves I tell you!

I won a contest over at The Lady Who Lunches! I got some fantastic smelling Loose Leaf Chai Tea from the Lahloo tea company. It smells sooo good. I can't stress enough how good it smells. Oh and it kills me to call it Chai Tea because in Russian the word Chai is Tea. So it is really superfluous to say tea.

Did I just use the word superfluous? I knew those vocab lessons in high school would pay off one day!

Alright I am going to go battle the crowds at the Cambridge Toys R Us. Pray for me.