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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RTT- Yeah I Screwed Up

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OK so Friday night, I totally screwed up my computer. I am waiting for it to dry out (yeah guess who spilled their drink into the keyboard of a Macbook *raises hand*) and then I am going to put it back together tomorrow and PRAY that it starts back up.

So how am I typing this? Oh my husband just got a nifty netbook from my parents and his parents for his Christmas present. He got to open it early, thank goodness. So at least now I can pay my bills online still...oh and blog.

We got our Christmas Tree on Saturday morning. It is beautimous. I would show you, but that would require uploading photos...and yeah I haven't even got that far on this new computer yet. In fact we just took it out of the box literally an hour ago.

Ok, I have errands to run in my rent a car (yeah that is a whole nother post), so I will bid you auffwidersain.

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