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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear So and So...Happy Birthday KiKi!

Dear KiKi,

I can't believe you are four! It seems like only yesterday...cliche cliche cliche...blah blah blah. No, really. You are such a special child. You make me laugh daily with your antics (although sometimes I want to rip my hair out, waive a white flag and admit defeat). The way you love your sister and try to copy each and every move she makes makes my heart melt. I love that you girls adore each other. Your wicked sense of humor it second to none; only you could find ways to make fart jokes fresh and funny. Actually I love that you actually get that jokes need to have a punch line. You must get that from my side of the family; especially your MiMi. You know what you get from your dad? Your sense of determination. I love that side of you. Your willpower is stronger at four than mine is at *cough* nearly 30. I know where you get the stubbornness too, that would be your Great-grandma Edith shining right through; Edith Jr. Your giving spirt is down to your other Great-grandma, Granny. You and your Granny would give a stranger the shirt of your back. Your PaPa gave you your inquisitive side and your YaDa gave you your practicality. You know what all these things made? An awesome kid. One heck of an awesome kid.

I Love You, KiKi.

Forever Your Mommy (whether you like it or not), Mom


Dear Readers,

Have a great weekend! If you have Dear So and So... letters don't forget to link up. Now, I need to go take KiKi to nursery so I can wrap her presents for her party tomorrow. Take Care!

Love, Kat