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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Could Be A Really Bad Idea

Meet Bella.

Bella is a horse 100 pound Great Dane puppy. She will be living with my family for the next week as a favor to a friend. This will bring the animal count in my house to four. Here are some things I have learned since having Bella in the house (in the first 18 hours)...

1) Bella finds cats really fun. The cats don't feel the same way about the Bella.
2) Carrying a drool cloth is a good idea.
3) Bella is exceptionally drooly after drinking water.
4) Elizabeth gets a bit snappy when her butt is being constantly smelled.
5) There is no fear like being caught between a HUGE playful dog and a really pissed off cat.
6) The quickest way to your hearts desire is over an obstacle; especially if the obstacle happens to be a small human.
7) 4 year olds and male parts are no match for Bella's tail.
8) Do NOT pick up a really pissed off cat.
9) Sometimes Bella forgets that Elizabeth isn't a large squeaky toy.
10) When I lay on the couch and Bella wants to get my attention she towers over me and drools.
11) See thing #2
12) Sometimes the quickest way to your hearts desire is going under Bella (ask my 4 year old).
13) Big dogs equal big poop.
14) Bella barks REALLY loudly
15) Having a year old Great Dane puppy who is out of sorts in your house at night is kind of like having a baby in the house. I only got 4 hours of sleep because Bella was pacing to find a good place to sleep.

I can deal with numbers 1-14 but lets hope she sleeps better tonight. I can only do so many nights of not getting any sleep.