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Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear So and So....I Can't Come Up With a Witty Title

Alright it is Friday time to jump on the Dear So and So... train. All aboard!

Dear Eastern European Girl at Taco Bell,

I am so so so sorry that when you were asking for my receipt so that you could check that you had everything for my order that I thought you were saying recipe. Yes, I did think it was strange that you were asking for my recipe considering you and your team were the ones who were supposed to be doing the cooking. It is also really embarrassing because my minor at University was Russian Studies and I should very well be able to understand an eastern European accent. Maybe if you weren't speaking so quietly?

Thoroughly Embarrassed, Kat

Dear Sam Kitty,

This thing you do where you try to chase my car down when I am leaving the house like a dog when you are outside in the driveway has got to end. I am already paranoid enough about you getting hit by a car, but I don't think I could handle it if I was the one to run you over. Please use a bit of kitty common sense and stay away from moving cars.

Love, Your Human Mama

Dear Ghost in My House,

I hope that was you up in the loft last night and not mice. I think I can handle a haunting much easier than mice.

Please be a ghost, Kat

Dear Mother Nature,

Enough with the wind, alright?

Gone With the Wind, Kat

Dear House Elves,

Are you the ones keeping LaLa's room clean or is the star chart actually working? I am confused by the clean state of her room.

Love, Kat

Dear Readers,

If you have lovely letters that you wished you could send please link up below!

Weekend Safety Briefing: Don't drink and drive, if you keep making that face it will freeze like that, don't talk to strangers, don't take candy from strangers, don't help strangers look for their lost dog, if you kill each other do it outside, you better pray that comes out of the carpet, make sure you wear clean underwear, shut the door- you weren't raised in a barn, act your age and dammit eat your vegetables.

Love Always, Kat


Kerry said...

Brilliant love these, especially the cat one fantastic!

Kerry said...

Have linked mine up as well, first time for me so hope you like them! x

Sueann said...

So LaLa's room is still clean? I would be confused too if I discovered that! Ha! Enjoy it!
I too love the cat one...!

Joanie said...

We both wrote letters to cats and Mother Nature today!

Concerning Lala's clean room.... Christmas is coming.

shitmummy said...

Ooh, I might try a star chart if it'd work on no1 child. Her room is a health hazard.

Mary Anne said...

Oh, Sam Kitty, be careful! I hate it when my guys get out!

There are certainly no House Elves at my house these days... I'd even give them clothes if they'd just hang around and clean up from time to time.

tiddlyompompom said...

could you send the house elves over to mine when they've finished at yours please? thanks :)

ourlittlei said...

Love the cat one! :)

Big Mama Cass said...

HAHA Great letters. I have never seen a cat do that! Too funny! What sort of star chart are you using?

Kat said...

It is a star chart that is magnetic and hangs on the side of the has star magnets to put in the little squares and comes with a whiteboard marker. The system I am using is for 10 stars $1 for 15 stars £1 ($1.50) 20 stars £2 ($3.00).

Jean said...

I've added mine again - I'm enjoying this - thanks x

Captain Dumbass said...

It has been far too long since I did a Dear So & So.

Cassandra said...

Brilliant! Can I please borrow your house elves?... ;) x

Jacqui Paterson said...

Man, that felt good! Roll around next Friday, so I can vent some more... xx

LivingDeadNurse said...

i so agree with the haunt instead of the

I'm So Fancy said...

I love this so much I am writing my own letters! (Found you via Mummy's Little Monkey's own letters). Thank you for giving me a new thing to think about when I'm on the elliptical machine instead of wishing I was naturally thin and hating all the 20 year-olds there.

Mom in High Heels said...

Kat, I did a Monday edition! It was much needed! Thanks!

Emma said...

Glad to see 'Dear So and So' back (even though I haven't got round it this week!)

I've awarded you the 'Stylish Blogger' award over at mine, come by and collect it when you can :)

Michelloui said...

Funny as usual!

Stupid Sam Kitty! That would drive me nuts too. We had a sticker chart that worked like magic. Or maybe it was elves. Not sure.

See you soon!!

Anonymous said...

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- Henry