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Monday, February 28, 2011

A Review of the Zippo Handwarmer

One of the things that my family looks forward to every year is the beginning of the spring the start of what we like to refer to as "fire season". This is the time of the year where we fire up the bonfire in the back garden, invite our friends over and have a great time chatting and theoretically solving all the worlds problems in one evening. Nearly every year, my husband and I do I trial run by ourselves, always entirely too early in the season and freeze our backsides off. We had this years trial bonfire on my birthday and although it had been unusually warm for February, it was still really cold outside.

I took the opportunity however to use and review a hand warmer that I had been provided by Zippo. The Zippo Hand Warmer is made in the same high quality metal that you would expect out of a Zippo lighter. It is very sturdy and does not feel like it would fall apart with multiple uses. There are several warnings in the instructions, such as to only use Zippo lighter fluid in the product and not to keep the hand warmer on one part of the body too long. At first, I must admit I found it a little disconcerting that I would have a flame in my hand. However, the flame is kept under control in a metal housing and then slipped into a nice fabric pouch to protect your hands.

In order to get the Zippo hand warmer to work properly, you must follow the instructions provided exactly or as I found out, it will not work. Once I went back and actually read all the instructions (I have a tendency to jump the gun sometimes), the hand warmer sprung to life. The fear of having a flame in my hands disappeared as the toasty warmth warmed my hands up quickly as I sat outside in the chilly weather.

The only complaint I have about the hand warmer is that the Zippo lighter fluid is not provided with the purchase of the warmer, it comes separately. I would however definitely recommend this product for those of my readers who are the outdoorsy type. If you enjoy camping, early spring gardening, or long walks in the chilly English weather I would definitely have this in my gear. It is a bit more expensive than the disposable hand warmers, but it is reusable and will last for years with proper maintenance.


Sueann said...

What a cool thing...this handwarmer sounds fantastic. I must look into this!!
Have fun on your outdoor bonfire!!

The Broad said...

I want one! I was willing to bet I'd not be able to find one in the UK, but I've just checked Amazon UK and it is available and a very reasonable price, too.

Larkin said...

May I just say that I REALLY want one of these now?! I did the whole Youtube search and everything. Definitely going on my Christmas list.