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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things To Do When You Have Writers Block

Things To Do When You Have Writers Block

1. Make lists.
2. Watch really horrible reality TV. (as opposed to completely awesome reality TV. There is a difference)
3. Yell at TV when channel starts blinking out.
4. Have mini-birthday party with family. Squee loudly when receiving the BEST. BIRTHDAY. PRESENT. EVER. (iPad)
5. Download apps.
6. Do the dishes in the sink.
7. Complain.
8. Wander around house aimlessly.
9. Tweet about writers block.
10. Play with new iPad (The Most Awesome Birthday Present EVER)
11. Talk to friends on gchat.
12. Name iPad. Her name is Iris.
13. Remind self that nobody reads this drivel anyway.
14. Play with iPad some more.
15. Stare out the window wishing it weren't raining.
16. Read blogs.
17. Read books.
18. Go to post office and hope new book has arrived.
19. Throw silent tantrum.
20. Dance around kitchen because my hubby is awesome and got me an iPad!!!!!

Of course this list is purely hypothetical. (except I really did get an iPad for my birthday)(and do everything else on this list)


Jess said...

HOLD UP. When the fuck was/is your birthday!?? Did I miss this phenomenal event? Inform me PRONTO.

scribblingmum said...

Do the dishes in the sink? Jeez, it's have to be pretty bad for me to do that.

I think Iris is the best name for an iPad and I am supremely jealous of you having her.

@cosmicgirlie said...

You...STOPPED downloading apps go wash DISHES???

*smooches you then disowns you*

N-i-c-o-l-e said...

Uh yeah I so would have skipped the dishes lol.

Mary Anne said...

Well, Happy Birthday! Really, dishes?

Hope you iPad doesn't come with a solitaire and Angry Birds addiction like mine...

Him Up North said...

Surely that iPad is iRis? :)

Amanda said...

I would have totally dumped the dishes fr downlading Apps on an iPad.

Anonymous said...

Did you get an iPad? I think you should tell us! ;)