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Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear So and So...This Is Probably a Bad Idea

I am back and it is Friday!! Thanks for sticking around while I had my little mini-mental vacation. Lets get some Dear So and So letters done!

Dear Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I promised a few of my friends that if I lost a stone (14lbs) that I would do a cartwheel and video it and put it on my blog. Well, I lost a stone as of Tuesday. Now, I need to do a cartwheel and video it for everyone.

Here is my list of what could possibly go wrong:

1. My husband is out of town, again, and I am going to be reliant on a 4 year old and a 7 year old as my videographers. You might only see my feet.

2. I need to clear the back garden of land mines. Not the land mines that will blow off a limb, more like the land mines that Elizabeth so graciously leaves outside. Do I really need to explain this further?

3. I need to figure out a way to make sure I don't flash all my wobbly bits to the entire internet. This includes "the girls" (and I am not talking about my kids).

4. I am pretty sure that there is an age where God tells you not to put your ass above your head. I am not sure I have reached that age. Possible injuries include my pride and my back.

5. I am still overweight. See possible injuries in #4.

So, as we can see, this could be really good or reeeeaaaalllllly bad.

Love, Kat

Dear Sanctimonious Mommies,

Bite me.

Regards, Kat

Dear Readers,

If you have a letter, please link up!

Love Kat


@cosmicgirlie said...



Mom in High Heels said...

You're back! Yay!!!!!
I'm chanting with jay above ^


Anonymous said...

I've done a cartwheel recently (goofing of with the kids), but don't know that I'd do it on video (not a pretty site). More power to you!!

& YEAH!!!!!!!!! to the weightloss!!!! That is exciting!!!!

Joanie said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Good luck with that cartwheel!

My sister LOVES your profile pic on Facebook!

Expat mum said...

Let me just warn you that if you haven't done a cartwheel in a while there are several things that can get broken. That would include those tiny little bones in your wrist/hand area. Not that I would know from personal experience...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh be careful! My husband reckoned he could still do a handstand - smashed conservatory window, hurt wrist, broke watch and fell smack on his head. MAN it was funny though!!!

Lakes Single Mum said...

well done on the weight loss! take care with the cart wheel...

Captain Dumbass said...

As much I want to see that video, you could just lay down on the ground and have the kids spin the camera.

Michelle Reeves - Bod for tea said...

Yay for you! Welcome back and congrats on the weight loss :D Loving Captain Dumbass's comment by the way LOL

cafebebe said...

Well done you! I can't wait to see that cartwheel! ;)


Jenn B said...

cartwheel??? (grins evilly) WOO HOO