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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I wasn't planning on doing a post about the royal wedding. Yes, I will probably watch it, from home. I have a couple of friends who are going to brave their way down to central London for the event. Can you tell that they are some of my American friends? My English friends wouldn't be caught dead schlepping down to London for the Royal Wedding. I have even heard some of my English friends comment that they won't be watching it on TV. Four day weekend. They will probably be stuck in a queue on the motorway instead. This seems to be the time honored way to spend any holiday in England.

I decided that yes, I will watch the wedding. I will probably also encourage my kids to watch. It isn't because I am a royalist. I am just an American who never in a million years thought that she would be living in England for an event like this. It is kind of cool to me. Though, it isn't cool enough to go down to London.


Sueann said...

I think it is kind of cool too!

Liz Jarvis said...

I honestly think everyone who says they won't be watching it now will end up watching it. I'm not a Royalist in any way shape or form but I'll be curious to see what everyone's wearing and I'm a Londoner, born and bred. While I wouldn't dream of schlepping up to Westminster I think it would be difficult to ignore it.

grrly said...

I am kind of put off by the amount of keepsakes etc. I am increasingly finding myself turned off and in some instances totally disgusted with the amount of actual garbage that we produce to buy and store, and then ultimately discard. I can understand why people would be interested in watching it. I won't be watching because of time differences and general apathy, but all the stupid stuff people are producing for it makes me wish it weren't such an affair.

Rachel Selby said...

There'll be a sort of poignancy to this one I think as so many of us remember watching Charles and Diana in 1981. BTW isn't it going up to London - inless you're being sent down from Cambridge? ;-)

Unknown said...

Well I enjoy a good old royal wedding. The best 'do' in my opinion was back in 1977 The Silver Jubilee. Street parties, bunting and lots of fun and games.

Things have changed since then and its all much more commercial.

But I will be watching - If I get an extra day off because of it then it's the least I can do. Those who don't want anything to do with it should go in to work!

Tracey said...

I'll also sit home alone and watch it.. have a cry too as its custom at a wedding ain't it hehe..

Local Girl said...

Come to Ely with us, they are putting up a big screen outside the Cathedral & we can bring picnics. There's going to be fancy dress competitions for the kids and loads of other stuff going on - it should be fun :) xx

Michelle Reeves - Bod for tea said...

Nothing like a Royal Wedding to make me come over all British. Morbid fascination if nothing else!