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Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear So and So...Rewiring

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that I have been sparsely blogging lately. Mostly because I need to rewire my brain a bit, also because there has been relatively little drama at the Bungalow. Wouldn't you know it the week after I was Parentdish's Blog Of the Week, I of course can't think of anything to blog about...figures. So, I spent the week reading trashy historical romance novels and going about my daily life (which is so completely boring sometimes that watching paint dry would be more entertaining). All the while I was lamenting in my head my lack of posts, as one does when they are a blogger. Writers block, you are the bane of my very existence.

So then I was sitting around and thinking and talking to myself (like you haven't done that before *scoff*) and decided that I need to do a bit of rewiring. More living, more activities and more blogging (See living your life and more activity equals more blog material. Fairly easy equation), less sitting around and reading trashy romance novels and swearing at the snow on the ground. Live to blog not blog to live. Time to get out of the house, freeze my bootay off, and do a bit of life rewiring.

Love, Kat

Dear Mr Taxi Cab Driver,

Did you think you were going to get off so easy because I sat there and wrote that note to my readers first? Oh you are soooo wrong Mr. Let's go over correct shuttling children to school procedure. You show up and wait for my kids to get out to your cab. If they do not show up after lets say 2 minutes, you knock on my door. You do not just leave. I have NEVER not told you when my kids will not be in the taxi. I have always given you notice by either calling my friend who lives the stop before me, or told you the day before. This morning was a NIGHTMARE because I had to defrost my car and shovel the snow off of it before I could get it out of my driveway. My kids were late to school for the second time ever. Not acceptable if you know my anal retentive nature about punctuality. Needless to say it's a good thing that there is no school next week and I might have time to reign in my fury before I see you next.

Grrrrr, Mad Mummy Kat

Dear Readers (Again),

If you have letters of your own, don't forget to link up!

Love, Kat