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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Earring Saga Continues...

LaLa is still walking around with one earring. She won't let me remove it. On Friday we attempted to get the other earring placed, but she went into freak out mode and wouldn't let my friend even get the earring gun near her head. She made the decision that she would like to just take out the first earring, but the ear was still tender so we decided to wait a couple more days before removing it. No big deal. If she doesn't want to attempt the second earring again, I'm not going to push it.

Flash forward to Sunday night.

"Mum, can your friend come back and pierce my other ear?"

I think my head just exploded a bit. Is she having a laugh?

It wouldn't be a big deal if my friend lived locally, but she moved away from the immediate area and now lives about 30-45 min away. So, it isn't like she can just pop round anytime she likes. So, I thought about my answer before I responded to LaLa.

"You know she lives far away and that it is very out of her way to come over here and for you to waste her time. Before I ask her to come all the way over here are you SURE you want the other earring done?"

"I do, but I might freak out again."

"If you're gonna freak out I'm not going to call her. Why don't we wait a few more days before I call her and you have a think about if you are going to sit still and let her do it or if you are going to spaz again."

(Believe me, spaz is the appropriate word.)

"Alright. Maybe if I just cuddle my huggle buddy, then I won't care about the sound of the earring gun."

"Good plan, have a think about it."

So, she is still thinking and still walking around with one earring. I gave my friend a heads up and told her that I would come to her if it would be more convenient. Oh the joys of parenting...