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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things I Never Knew I Needed Before I Moved to the UK

1. An electric kettle.
2. Clotted Cream (not very often though or I would be as big as a house)
3. Cornish Pasties (see #2)
4. Sausage Rolls (see #2 and #3)
5. An assortment of tea cups and mugs. I used to drink coffee in the states every once in a while, but I have become a tea-aholic. (See #1)
6. Various scarves in different colors and weights. It isn't the cold or rain. It's the wind. The wind is a killer.
7. Wellies. Or as we call them in the states, rain boots. There really is nothing like sloshing about in the English countryside in a nice pair of rubber boots.
8. Tea. Real tea. Not Lipton or Luizianne.
9. Scones, crumpets, malted bread and tiger bread.
10. A sense of humour. Or humor.