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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear So and So...A Pot Of Gold

Dear British Weather,

Despite the fact that you can not find it in your heart to quit deluging us with rain, you have seen fit to provide just enough sunshine to create at least one rainbow a day for the last week.  I can not recall ever seeing so many rainbows in my life.  Yesterday's rainbow was especially brilliant, not a thin little rainbow that you can barely see through the clouds, but a nice thick fully formed rainbow that arched it's way though the sky.  It was so beautiful that my children couldn't quit staring at it though the car windows and wondering aloud about where the ends of the rainbow were as we drove towards the air base.  So, if you can't stop the rain, could you please at least continue the artwork in the sky?

Thanks in Advance, Kat

Dear LaLa,

You are not leaving for your school trip for another week.  We don't have to start packing for your trip yet.  I know you are excited, but seriously, your clothes aren't going to grow legs and walk away before we can get them in a suitcase.

Love, Mom

Dear Angry Birds,

I knew I shouldn't have downloaded you onto my iPad.  Now I spend my evenings launching pixelated birds at pigs while watching all the TV shows that I have Sky+d.  I am sure there are more productive things that I could be doing with my evenings, but I just need to beat one more level.

Slightly Addicted, Kat

Dear CybHer Attendees,

I can't wait to see you on May 12th.  Let's see what sort of trouble we can get into this year!  I am not sure you can beat a drunken dwarf singing Bon Jovi at the top of his lungs though.

Love, Kat

Dear Readers,

I hope you have had a wonderful week and have a lovely weekend.  If you have your own Dear So and So letters, please link up!

Love, Kat