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Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear So and SO...I'm Baaaaack

Dear Powers That Be,

My husband is sleeping on the couch in his uniform. No point in really changing is there since he is working 15 hour days, huh? Yeah I thought not too.

Meh, Kat

Dear Holiday,

I need a holiday from you. While you were fun while you lasted, you were exhausting. I did get some fabulous pictures though!

(taken by my mother)

(taken by my mother)

Thanks, Kat

Dear Sam Kitty,

This whole lovey dovey thing you have been doing since I got back to England is really freaking me out. Can we go back to aloof and broody? You will not lull me into a false sense of security. I know you will try to escape the first chance you can.

I Got Your Number Buddy, Kat

Dear Lizabeast,

I bet you thought we had abandoned you by sticking you in that kennel. No such luck. Welcome home sweet girl!

Love, Human Mama Kat

Dear Readers,

I know I am a slacker and didn't do Dear So and So for a couple weeks. I have a really good excuse. See above. If you have letters that you would like to link up, go for it.

Love, Kat