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Monday, August 2, 2010

Random Bits and Bobs

I went out with Je-double S, KK, Bobz and The Man on Friday. Much fun was had, much beer was consumed and I think we may have discovered a path for world peace. We are awesome like that. Also, for the record, riding in a black London cab in Charleston, SC is the most sureal experience that I have EVER had.

My husband, The Man, has decided that he is going to eat his way through Charleston while on vacation. So far we have had: Outback Steakhouse, Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, Kickin' Chicken, Wild Wings, Five Guys, Early Bird Cafe (best grits in the world, y'all), and Wendy's. Mind you we have only been in town for less than a week. I am gonna be the size of a frickin house by the time we get off this vaction.

My brother has grown his Vladimir Lenin beard back. The resemblence is striking.

My mother and I went to Belk (a department store here) and cleaned out the clothing section during their red dot sale. I am so glad I brought a suitcase that was almost empty with me.

I have also learned that despite being told 3 times to "just carry your drink carefully", La will drop her full soda cup on the ground. I will then want to melt into the restaurant floor.

After the 200 entries (from the multiple blogs that were taking part) to the competition were counted a name was picked out of a hat and Marg Farmer who answered correctly on A Place of My Own won the Merlin Anual Pass. Congrats to Marg and commisserations to all those who entered. The answer was Chessington, by the way.

OK, I am going to get out of here and continue my vacation by sausaging myself into a bathing suit and taking my kids to a water park. I contend that only a mothers love allows this crime against decentcy to happen.