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Monday, August 23, 2010

Well, I Have It...

As a present to ourselves my husband and I bought new bedroom furniture. A new bed and mattress being the most important of the investments. We used to have a four poster bed with an OK mattress. This was given to us as a wedding present. The four poster was broken on our move to the UK. OK, actually, the four poster was originally damaged by my husband and then completely broke on our international move. The mattress had slowly over our eight years of marriage gone from OK to "Oh My Goodness If I Get Poked With One More Spring!" It was definitely time for a new bed.

On Friday our beautiful new cherry sleigh bed was delivered. I tried my damnedest to put it together myself. HA! I struggled and struggled, broke a sweat, cursed, and then deemed the task impossible. Note to self: this bed requires two people to put together. On Saturday after my husband woke from his work induced coma we put the bed together. Not that we would get to sleep in it Saturday night because we had made plans to stay at a friend's house, but the bed was assembled. Bed together, no Kat sleeping it in night one.

Yesterday I was so excited because- I get to sleep in my new bed tonight!!! Guess what? I have had my bed assembled for two nights and have yet to sleep in it. I fell asleep in KiKi's bed at midnight when she was having trouble getting back to sleep. I didn't actually realize that I had fell asleep there until six this morning when after running to the front door because the dogs were barking (yes, dogs not dog) (another story) only to find nothing there, then wandering back into my room (where I thought I had come from because I was that is how asleep I still was despite being on my feet, walking and talking(actually cursing at the dogs)) only to realize that The Man was sprawled across the whole bed and there was no way I had been sleeping there. Crap. OK, maybe, just maybe I will get to sleep in my own brand new bed tonight.