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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear So and So....Back With a Vengence

Dear So and So is BACK. Strap yourselves in; it's gonna be a wild ride.

Dear Bin Men (garbage men, whatever you want to be called),

You were just having a laugh the other day when you dumped my recycle bin and then just casually placed it smack dab in the middle of my driveway weren't you. You're lucky I was for once paying attention and didn't hit it. Can you imagine the type of wheelie bin carnage that could have ensued? Scenario 1= I hit the bin it flies across the road into the farmers field where I have to then wade through weeds and mud to retrieve the bin. Scenario 2- I hit the bin, it goes into the 50 mph road in front of my house then gets broadsided by a passing car. This could a) destroy my bin b) wreck someones car c) kill those in the car. So, Mr. Bin Men, please put the bins to the side of my driveway and NOT smack in the middle of it from now on. Got it?

Would rather not cause carnage with a wheelie bin, Kat

Dear People Who Park On Double Yellows,

It's illegal, A-hole.

Got it?, Kat

Dear LaLa and KiKi,

Can we please skip the right before we leave out the door for school dramatics. Just put your coat on, grab your book bag and get your little behinds out the door. I don't care if she has your toy, or your book or your blah blah blah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah...Oh wait, what? You started to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher there for a minute. Yeah, I don't care what the other did to you let's go.

Lovingly Yours, Mom

Dear Radio 2,

I heard a Christmas song two days ago. Too soon!!

Love, Kat

Dear House Elves,

You're fired. My dishes aren't done, the laundry isn't done. What? Your mythical?....

Damn., Kat

Dear Readers,

Please jump on the Dear So and So train. I will be posing a new DSS each Friday with a linky. Please join in when you have a chance.

Weekend Safety Briefing: Don't drink and drive, don't talk back, don't run with scissors, super glue is not for children, don't give me that look, if you make that face it will stick, if your friends jumped off a bridge- don't, always ask for directions, make sure you have enough gas in the car before you embark upon your journey, make sure your tires are properly inflated and for goodness sake don't make me come back there!!

Have a good weekend, Kat


april said...

love it thank you for the idea and chance to do this :)

unmitigated me said...

The bin men are arseholes where I live, too.

Joanie said...

Ah!! You're back! I've missed you!!!

I'll submit one next week!

LisaUnfiltered said...

Thank you for bringing sexy back... oh wait... that was that OTHER post. ;) Thanks for DSS. I needed it this week. Have a laugh!

Muddling Along said...

With you on the Christmas songs ... bah humbug

Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst said...

Loved the bin men letter, they are a breed alone! Have joined in for the first time, just felt the need! x

Heather said...

This is perfect timing - I can't wait!

Potty Mummy said...

Loving this - but maybe that's just my day today that's got me quite so shouty...

Unknown said...

Yes! Bin men ha ha made me smile :)

tarichuck said...

Love it! Welcome back Dear so and so. If I had a blog, there would be a letter to my daughter almost exactly like yours.

Headhuntress said...

Dear 3 Bedroom Bungalow to Let in Crazytown,

Thank you for brightening up my day with your funny take on life. Love Headhuntress xxx

Posh Totty said...

Love this, might just have to give it a go myself, I have quite a lot to say :)

Jean said...

This is my first attempt - not sure I've got the right tone, but what the hell :-)

Cassie said...

Loved doing this - such a brilliant idea! Thankyou :) xx

Dippydieter said...

I've had a go! Not sure where I was going with it though - love the idea!