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Monday, December 6, 2010

1,2,3, Not It!

So as I was laying in bed the other day this came into my brain. England sent Prince William, David Cameron, and David Beckham to Zurich, Switzerland to press the English bid for the World Cup in 2018. This got me to thinking, how do you think they decided who got to bring up what points to the Fifa panel who decided where the World Cup is to be held. I like to think they played 1,2,3, Not It! This is how the conversation happened in my head.

David Cameron: So who wants to bring up the BBC Panorama Fifa corruption charges? 1,2,3, Not It!
Price William: Not It!
David Beckham: Not It! Damn.

DB: Who wants to talk about the fact that we have some of the worlds finest football pitches already? 1,2,3, Not It!
DC: Not It!
PW: Not It! Damn.

PW: Who wants to expound on the fact that we will already have the infrastructure to support the hoards of crowds since we already are going to be hosting the Olympics in London in 2012? 1,2,3, Not It!
DB: Not It!
DC: Not It! Damn!

DB: Who is buying dinner tonight? 1,2,3, Not It!
DC: Not It!
PW: Not It! Damn.
DC: Oh come on Wills, it isn't like you can't afford it!

By the way, Russia will be hosting the World Cup in 2018. I guess their strategy didn't work.


Kat said...

Link fixed.

Sueann said...

Ha!!! 1, 2, 3....your it!! You are so right...this is exactly how it is done!!!
PS. Been hitting the eggnog again have we??

Unknown said...

LOL Kat. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how Russia handles the hosting of the World Cup, not because I'm a huge soccer fan but because it's Russia!

Expat mum said...

I don't know why the UK was so horrified they didn't get it. I mean the Olympics is right around the corner. You ca't have everything now...

Vodka Logic said...

lol... very funny. I wouldn't send Beckham anywhere to make a case. he is adorable...until he opens his mouth.

Nickie O'Hara said...

hahahaha Love it Kat - VERY funny :D

Unknown said...

Okay you crack me up!! Ha ha

I'm So Fancy said...

That was mighty funny. Even to an American...