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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear So and So...Yeah Sorry Bout That

It's Friday! Guess what that means? I can sleep in tomorrow!!! It's the little things people. Let's get to it.

Dear Everyone Who These Letters Are About To Be Addressed To,

I am in a slightly very bad mood today. Mostly because I am a PMSing crazy person. Also, I am very slightly gassy thanks to the humongous amount of veggies that I have been eating. That makes for an explosive situation. Pun intended.

The Water Retaining Hormonal Crampy Harpy Writing These Letters

Dear New American Driver,

Yes, I did yell "SERIOUSLY?!?!" at you with exaggerated mouthing so that you could read my lips when you darted into the round about when it wasn't your turn. I realize that you are new, but meh, at that moment I really didn't care that you were so new that you still had Florida tags on your car. Actually, the fact that you are a Florida driver explains a lot.

Learn To Drive In The UK Before You Kill Someone,
That Crazy Woman In the Bright Orange Jeep

Dear Florida Drivers,

Sorry if the letter above you offends you. See first letter.


Dear LaLa,

When you start eating all your dinner, you can have more than one snack in the afternoon. That's just the way this is going. If you have any complaints, take a number.

That Mean Woman Who Won't Let You Eat Crap All Afternoon

Dear Big Man who walks the little Chihuahua,

I see you nearly every single morning while I drive my kids to school. I must admit that I giggle inside every time I see a big man with a little dog. It just doesn't seem right. Is it your wife's dog? Please tell me that one of you is named either Tiny or Brutus. That would just make my day.

Still Giggling on the Inside,

Dear Readers,

If you have letters please link up! Have a safe weekend and don't do anything I wouldn't do.



Jean said...

I'm organised this week and got up early to do my post!!

Sueann said...

Tiny or Brutus!! Ha!! We have some roundabouts here and it is fun to see people trying to navigate these when they don't have a clue!!

Mom in High Heels said...

LOL! We have a 4 pound Maltese who thinks he's a Rottweiler. Little dogs have big dog attitude. I think it's funny to see James Bond walking him.
I yell at American drivers too. Don't feel bad. It's Germany for goodness sake! You are allowed to drive fast (on the autobahns), so do it already!

Claire said...

I laugh when I see a big guy with a tiny dog- only Gok Wan can get away with that. PMSL x

Kerry said...

The dog letter did make me laugh! And your having problems with drivers too, its not just me then? xx

@cosmicgirlie said...

Perhaps you could threaten to feed the dog to Lala. I'm not entirely sure who's getting the punishment there.

Or even better, feed Chihuahua road-kill to the Florida driver!! I'm sure there's a WIN in there somewhere.

PS Er - Don't do anything you wouldn't do? *throws list in the bin* ;o)

New Mum Online said...


Last week was my first Dear So and So and as I had already written a letter to my Gran I used that, but afterwards realised it wasn't really in the spirit of Dear So and So.

This week I hope, truly I do, that I have done it properly?

Like my flu, I hope your PMS gets better :-)

Cheers for hosting this,
Liska x

instant student said...

I second (or third) the thing about American drivers.
I am a German with a German license but I have the California one as well.
Comparing the steps I had to take to get either license that explains a lot. :)

Hope you have a great weekend and feel better soon!

helloitsgemma said...

great, been meaning to do this for ages, your letters make me laugh and smile. looking forward to catching up on everyone elses.

Ffi said...

Post done - weekend needed
Small dogs should be banned!

Big Mama Cass said...

I always laugh when my husband has to walk our dog for that very reason :)

Granny said...

Does your dog comment pertain to your PaPa when he walks Henry?? You know how much he loves that dog. Of course with Henry trailing along behind him about fifteen feet (the length of the leash) you don't know who is with who.

Hope your PMS is better. That is one thing I don't miss.

Love to all


Megan Writes said...

I just posted my first letters in this meme. :) I hope you have a good weekend!

Michelle Reeves - Bod for tea said...

Not sure if I'm super early or super late for late for last week's!! Either way I'm here now :)

Ellen said...

Pretty sure I'm super late, but here's my debut Dear So and So entry.

midlifesinglemum said...

I just found your website through Hellogemma. Loved it so I'm following.

mama-andmore said...

Afraid I'm a Sunday Dear So and So-er, hope I'm still in the spirit of it though! I love the comment from your Granny - silver surfer, brilliant! Wonder if there's a connection with big men and small dogs, like small men and big feet...?? Have a great week! xx