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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear So and So...Someone Didn't Get The Memo

Dear Mother Nature,

By my calculations you are roughly 3 weeks late on bringing the summer to the UK. Could we get on the ball please? I am tired of having to wear long sleeves in the middle of June! I want to wear my cute summer clothes. I want to bare my pale white legs to the world in an attempt to get some semblance of color on my body before I go back to my hometown in July and scare all the beach goers with my nearly translucent skin. I need my vitamin D from the sun!

*fingers crossed and ready*, Kat

Dear Cybermummy Attendees This Year,

I have been asked to give cartwheel demos in the hallway of the Travelodge by a few of my friends. Don't let me do it with a dress on please? Also, make sure I am nearly halfway sober when I do it. I really don't need a trip to A&E (the ER) that weekend.

Love, Kat

PS- SQUEEEEEE I am so excited!!!

Dear Friend Here Locally,

Oh my goodness you lot have been fabulous these last few weeks! I have really nearly not had a single moment to myself, which is fantabulous. It gives me a lot less time to miss my husband and stress out. However, my blog and house are suffering a bit. I try and try to clean my house and yeah...I try and try to blog and yeah... I've got to get a better system!

Completely drained but thoroughly entertained, Kat

Dear Kids,

Keep your hands and feet to yourselves. I am really tired of dragging you apart like a pair of rabid dogs. I thought boys were supposed to act like this, not girls!

Love, Mom

Dear Parents In General,

Get involved at your child's school. Don't just sit moan about policies and extra curricular activities, do something about it. Join the PTA, volunteer in the class, help at discos, movie nights, etc. If you have a talent, your child's school will help find a way to share it with the other children. If you work, there are still ways to be involved. Believe me the school is always looking for extra resources, an extra set of hands, or an opinion of how things could be done better (even if it is just a suggestion to one of the parents on the PTA). Do it for the kids.

A Frustrated PTA Mom, Kat

PS- And for those who are already involved at their child's school, THANK YOU.

Dear Readers,

Have a lovely weekend. If you have a letter that you need to get off your chest, don't forget about Dear So and So. Link up!

Love, Kat