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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Possibly The Most Expensive Cup of Coffee Ever...

On Friday night I was zipping around trying to get all the things I needed to get accomplished before Cybermummy done. I was a crazy person. My head was not on straight and as a result of this, my kids were acting like heathens. I should learn to slow down and take a breath every once in a while, but really, it isn't in my nature.

So, I had packed my children's clothes, toys, and toothbrushes into their backpacks for their weekend at their friend's house. La has a friend who has a sister who is in the same class as KiKi, their saint of a mother took in my two girls for the weekend. The plan was to be over at the friend's house at 7pm, but by six o'clock my kids were chomping at the bit to get over there. I figured we could leave the house, go on base and waste a bit of time before we went to their house.

Of course by the time I decided that I needed a cup of coffee while I was on base (to help me finish the rest of my packing of course) we were running late again. As I pulled up into the parking lot in the coffee shop I forgot to tell the girls to not open their doors like I normally do. The first thing KiKi did when I got into the parking space was immediately FLING her door open before I had a chance to get around to her side of the car, right smack into the side of the Toyota Camry that was parked next to me.

Great. Just Great.

I checked the paint job on the Camry. There was a gash in the paint clear down to the metal frame of the car.


So, I did what any frazzled mom would do. I went in and got my coffee and prayed the the car would be still there when I got back so I could write a note. It was still there when I came back. I left a note that said...

"I am so so so sorry. My daughter flung her door open and it hit the side of your car. I will be out of town this weekend, but call me on Monday. Again, I am soooo sorry. Kat. My phone number is xxxxxxxxxxxx"

It is Wednesday and they still haven't called. I just may have dodged paying for the most expensive cup of coffee ever. Or they could have their car at the shop getting an estimate for the damage. I really hope they just felt pity on me.