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Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear So and So...Summer Time!

Dear English Weather,

On Wed night LaLa had a baseball game and it was so cold that my toes turned blue. Yes, I may have been an idiot for wearing flip flops, but it is the middle of JULY. Frankly, I should be allowed to wear flip flops in JULY and not have my toes turn blue. Can we work on this please? Actually, I don't really care I will be leaving soon for warmer weather.

Wondering Where July Weather Went, Kat

Dear Google +,

I has only been a week and I am addicted. Well played, Google, well played.

Repeatedly Checking For Updates, Kat

Dear People Who Put Me In Circles On G+,

If I don't know straight off who you are you go in my "Don't know who the hell they are" circle. That circle doesn't get many of my updates unless I make them public. If you think you know me better than that, you should send me an email or something telling me who you are. Just sayin'

Slightly Confused, Kat

Dear John Lewis,

Your event yesterday was lovely and I really enjoyed myself. Can't wait to do a proper post about it!

Love, Kat

Dear House Elves,

You're fired.

Also, The Harry Potter series is over, so you are out of another job. Good luck in this economy.

Regards, Kat

Dear Readers,

If you have your own letters, don't forget to link up! Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Love, Kat