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Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear So and So...Little Ball of Stress

Dear LaLa,

When I tell you to quit horsing around at breakfast time I am serious. I don't know why you are so hyper in the morning, but goodness gracious child my brain can't cope. Please just sit there and eat your breakfast like a mindless zombie like other people in the morning. Or at least wait until I have had a cup of coffee before you kick off.

Love, Your Mother Who Is NOT A Morning Person

Dear Brain,

When you give me weird dreams don't expect me not to act on them.

Writing Furiously, Kat

Dear Sam Kitty (Ninja Cat),

When I pull into the driveway it is not a good time to run directly *at* the car. You see those big round black things? They're called tires and they will run you down. Mind you I wouldn't run you down on purpose, but running at the car is a bad idea. Bad bad bad bad idea.

Love, The Woman Who Feeds You

PS- You still haven't stopped that moaning meow that we talked about last week. We need to work on that, k?

Dear KiKi,

I know you're not really *that* "sick" but we all need mental health days off school. You're lucky I'm a softie.

Love, Mom
Dear PTA,

I think next year we need more worker bees and less queen bees if you're getting my drift. I know it is good to have a strong personality, but I think we all need to tone it down a bit and find one or two strong leaders. I think it would cut down on a lot of hurt feelings and miscommunication.

Just a thought, Kat
Dear Readers,

If you have any letters of your own, don't forget to link up!

Love, Kat